Monday, January 27, 2014

'The Sign of Three' -- Sherlock 3x02

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Yet another episode that makes my headcanon much more sure that Sherlock is actually dead and part of a delusion of John's. I'm handwaving most everything that happened at the wedding as John imagining what Sherlock would have said if he were involved and supporting it by a very healthy series of flashbacks to times when the two of them had actually been together. And I'm also going to kind of headcanon the fact that he left pretty much as soon as the party portion of the reception started. Sure, that can be explained away as him being awkward around people, but I like the idea more that John didn't need him to be there anymore, since he had so much to occupy his mind once the party really started. I can also almost see John and Mary moving into 221B after they get back from the honeymoon ... if she was as understanding as she seems to be, she might understand that he needed a way to say goodbye that may involve him staying there for a while as he cleaned out Sherlock's things. But that's all crazy imaginings of how much I would love for this twist that is totally going on in my head turning out to be completely true per canon.

As far as the wedding ... when Sherlock was talking about how Dean Thomas the guard had almost gotten killed, and he was asking for audience interaction from the wedding guests, I kind of wanted to smack Lestrad and Tom on the back of the head for not getting what Sherlock was going for. I completely understood what Sherlock wanted from them, and I still kind of don't see how they didn't know that he was trying to get them to say that John was freaking awesome, cuz he was such a good person that his only concern in that moment was to try and help someone who could have died. It was also kind of fabulous that Sherlock didn't understand why everyone was crying to the things that he was saying about John and that John wanted Mary to make sure that he didn't hug Sherlock. I was struck with a serious case of "Oh, boys!!"

This episode only cemented my love of Mary. Like I've said before, I don't normally like it when someone who has a RL relationship with an actor/actress on a show makes an appearance on the show that they're on (cuz it feels too much like a cheat and like they were given the role because of their relationship with the person on the show without having to earn it), but the actress (I think her name is Amanda?) is amazing in the role. Plus, it makes me super happy that she gets on so well with Sherlock (made even more awesome by the fact that he is such an important person in John's life and that he isn't easy to get on with). I kind of get the feeling that they kind of have a brother/sister relationship, and this is the sibling relationship that Sherlock should have had, cuz it's the one that is based on love and affection.

It also only makes me love her more that she knows when Sherlock is lying about how he knows something, and she will have none of it. How awesome it was that she saw through him when he tried to pretend how he knew how to fold napkins, and she wouldn't let him pretend that anything other than "I saw it on YouTube" was what had actually happened. But if that scene had been between Sherlock and Mycroft, it would have been completely different, cuz it would have been the two of them trying to one-up each other in the clever department, and there wouldn't have been the inherent affection that is there between Sherlock and Mary (and the feeling that she just wants him to be honest with her, regardless of what the truth is).

And oh, how I loved that she was working them both to try and make sure that they went out and did something together. She could easily have been one of those chicks who gets all weird about her mister going out with his friends, but I think she realizes just how important they are to each other, and just how good they are for each other.

I am kind of surprised how long it took Sherlock to figure out that the chick who came to them with the case about dating a ghost was hinky. I didn't pick up on the fact that she used John's middle name (even though I thought it was kind of weird for her to use it), only cuz I thought that it might have been mentioned at some point (in a newspaper article, or a blog post, or something), but the moment she mentioned the wedding while they were online together, I instantly had a case of "PAY ATTENTION TO HER, STUPID!!" Yeah, Sherlock was thinking about something else at the time, but the fact that she knew about something that she shouldn't have known about should have caught his attention (cuz, really, who knew about the wedding?).

I would really love to have a scene where John tells Sherlock that he wants him to be the baby's godfather, cuz you know that John is going to want that. It would be kind of amazing to see Sherlock kind of go a bit nutty over the fact that he doesn't want to be the baby's godfather, cuz what does he know about kids? The writers may do a scene somewhat close to what they did for John asking him to be the best man, but I don't see them doing something completely the same (since that would be a bit repetitive at this point).

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