Thursday, January 2, 2014

Get Out of My Head, Stephen King!!

So, I've pretty much been downing Hearts in Atlantis since I started it a couple of days ago. Downing it like whoa.

And after reading the first novella in it ("Low Men in Yellow Coats" ... which really could be a novel all by itself), I kind of got a hankering to give The Dark Tower another try, cuz of all of the references to stuff that is going on within that series. But this time, I'm not going to check out the audiobook (since part of the reason why I put it down before was the person reading it ... some readers voices just don't "speak" to you). So, I've put the actual book on reserve, and not just cuz someone else already has it checked out. The couple of times that I've been in there and looked for it, I could not find it, no matter how hard I looked. Seriously, I was standing right in the section where it should have been in, the system said it was checked in, but it was nowhere. Besides, that will give me a bit of time to finish Hearts in Atlantis

I also have a couple of others in hold.

The one that I'll probably be able to read first is Something More Than Night. The plot of the story itself seemed rather interesting, but when I looked into the section that Amazon lets you read, it looked like something that might kind of hook me and make me not want to put it down until I'm done (which probably wouldn't be all that long after I started it, seeing as how it's only about 300 pages). I had gone over to the library the other day, after looking on their online catalog to make sure that they had it, and it said that not only did they have it, but it was also checked in. But by the time that I went over ... someone had already nabbed it. ::shakes fist:: Curses!!

And then, there's Nos4a2, by Papa King's son Joe Hill. I had it on hold before, and apparently, the library called me for a week, leaving messages on the land line (which is the number they had in their system). I didn't get told that they had been leaving me messages until two days after the last one ... after they had already moved on to the next person on the hold list (since they only hold it for you for a week before they figure that you changed your mind). So, I ended up going in the next day and changing my number with them so that the next time that my name comes up for something that I've put a hold on, they'll leave me a message directly on my cell (since I'll actually get it that way). But with the amount of holds that are on that one, it's going to be at least a couple of months before I can read it.

I still want to shake my fist over the fact that there's a trace on The Broken Kingdoms. It's not that the first book in the trilogy was as amazing as I was hoping it would be ... it's that I just kind of have this nagging wondering of what happened to the characters in the second and third books, and I don't want to just skip over the second book. Hell, when I was younger, I had only seen ANH and RotJ, but it was years before I saw ESB, and I was always confused as to who Lando was (and his relationship with the others). So, now, I kind of have the feeling that if I skip the middle section in a trilogy, I'm going to have another one of those instances.

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