Tuesday, January 7, 2014

'Under Fire' -- Castle 6x11

Warning: Spoiler Alert

The whole scene with Jenny on the phone with Ryan (while he was stuck inside of the doomed fire!building of doom, and she was about to push out the baby) was very sweet, but (you had to know that there would be a but in there) ... my brain kept going to ST 11 (which did that scene much better, even though I really can't stand the actress that played Kirk's mom), and I kept wanting to say that they should name the baby Jim after her father (and Tiberius after his). But I was glad that the gang was there for the birth. In a way that kind of reminded me of when they got engaged (the important people were there for it).

But speaking of names, I was so glad that in the middle of the boys being in what looked like a completely no win situation, Esposito was still busting Ryan's chops (a white Irish kid name Javier, indeed). And you know, as soon as he said that they should name the baby Javier if were a boy, I knew that they were going to have a little girl ... and I think that it's safe to say that homegirl is going to have daddy wrapped around her little finger. He's sunk, no lie. And in spite of all of his worrying (or maybe because of it), I think that Ryan's going to be a really great dad.

And now that she's around, I have a feeling that the writers might use this as an opportunity to mess with Ryan a bit. I can see them having him get all bleary eyed and tired from the lack of sleep that he's bound to have. I'm kind of iffy about the idea of them writing a baby into the show that might show up in a few episodes. It was one thing when they had Cosmo there, and Castle was looking after homeboy, cuz no one knew where he belonged; it seems to be another thing when it's Ryan bringing the baby to work. I can't see Jenny being ok with the baby being put into danger that way ... even if there might be some comedy gold there (Ryan walking around with a Baby Bjorn strapped to him ... Esposito trying to stop the baby from crying, while everyone else insists that he take care of it ... Lanie being the only one of the gang (besides Ryan himself) who is able to get her to calm down). There may be a bunch of stuff that might be amusing to see, but Jenny realizes how dangerous Ryan's job is, and I don't see her wanting her newborn in that situation (especially when you think back to her reaction in "The Wild Rover," when Ryan went undercover).

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