Sunday, January 12, 2014

'Eyes of the Beholder' -- Grimm 3x10

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Ok, I'm starting to not dig the way that Monroe and Rosalee have been put on the back burner so hard, and how (recently) they are only in the episode long enough for Nick and Hank to come in and ask them some question, and run back out once the question is kind of answered. If this were real life, something like that might happen, cuz everybody's lives have things in them where you can't always be with all of the people that you want to be with all of the time, but ... this is a TV show, damn it, and they're part of the Scooby Gang. The gang should be seeing each other more than that, even if it has to do with something other than with one of Nick's cases (probably more so when it is outside of one of his cases).

I was expecting a little more from the B plot this week. I wasn't expecting that the B plot from last week would have remained the B plot this week, and that the conclusion of it would have waited until the very end of the episode, and would have only lasted around three seconds (ok, a bit of an exaggeration, but still). That being said ... it was so very nice to see Juliette and her friend beat the holy living hell out of friend's abusive husband. I freaking loved that. Loved. For two reasons (and neither of them came from a "let's stick it to the man" type of deal, let's just be clear). 1) It was great to see Friend stand up for herself against someone who had beaten and stalked her (and who was trying to force her to come back into that situation again). The amount of courage that it probably had to take for her to do that (even with the help that she had) had to've been enormous. Good on her. 2) Juliette seeing Dick!Husband full on woge, tell him that she wasn't impressed, and then, continue to stand up for her friend ... awesome! Sure, she knew about Wesen, but she theoretically could have gotten freaked out by seeing him woge and could have decided that she may have made a mistake. I was really glad to see her show signs of what I think she could be (a kick ass member of the Scooby Gang, and someone who could handle being in a relationship with a Grimm ... as well as someone who could probably handle being the mother to more Grimm). I'll also admit to feeling a bit satisfied that even though Nick did try to help (cuz he's a good guy), he wasn't able to come in and save the day ... and that in the end, the girls were able to finish the idiot off themselves.

Also, I was glad that Juliette ran right over and gave her friend a hug as soon as she woged, since it helped solidify the kind of person that she is (for both the audience and for her friend). As much as Nick is getting a reputation amongst the Wesen community, I think that Juliette is going to start getting a reputation amongst them as well as someone that they can trust. And I have a feeling that the more people that realize that both of them can be trusted, the more that are going to be on their side (at least amongst the Wesen community), and that will probably end up being a good thing for them ... especially when/if an all-out war with the royals happens.

As far as the A plot was concerned ... I thought the idea of the Wesen street gangs was a more interesting thing to pursue than Hank bonding with a kid in protective custody, while he macked on the kid's sister. And I was disappointed to find out that the two of them were Wesen, only cuz I suspected that they were the moment that Hank and Nick grabbed him for questioning, and his sister told him to stay calm. It didn't seem like the writers would have made a point of bringing attention to that if they weren't leading us around by the nose a bit.

And while I don't have a problem with Hank getting in a relationship with a Wesen, at this point, I'm wondering just how many Wesen there are in Portland. It seems almost like the Wesen outnumber humans at this point. Could it be that Nick keeps investigating cases that involve Wesen cuz there are so many of them (since there haven't been Grimms to kill them on the order of the royals), or is it cuz we're only seeing the Wesen related cases (and all of the cases he's involved with that deal with humans are taken care of during the holidays and weeks with reruns)? I saw somewhere where someone said that it could have also have been possible that Renard was sending the Wesen cases in Nick's direction on purpose, but I don't think that's what's going on. That would mean that he's got some special knowledge that he doesn't seem to have (since he isn't all knowing, and the "Red Menace" proved that there are some Wesen that other Wesen couldn't recognize when they woged). One more thing that I wish the writers would deal with somewhat, but which I don't think that we're going to get an answer about.


Laban Eilers said...

+1 on Juliette smashing the abusive kitty husband in the face with a frying pan. Also, she knew to use a cast iron one. That's just smart.

Kris Oller said...

I LOVE the fact that she's able to kick some ass. Also, a frying pan to the face of a asshat like him ... hilarious.