Monday, January 27, 2014

'The Wild Hunt' -- Grimm 3x12

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Now I can understand why Monroe doesn't really have anything to do with his family; he's really nothing like them (at least as far as his view of the world and who he should/shouldn't be involved with (whether that's a friendship or a romantic relationship)). I can't say that I blame him for not wanting to be around them all that much (even if he might love them). I have a feeling that his life might have become far more peaceful since he's branched off and started doing his own thing.

I also notice that along the lines of not saying what Monroe's last name is, they have also not given us the last name of his parents (the writers having Monroe tell Rosalee that she should call his parents by their first names). The only thing that we can say for sure now is that "Monroe" is his first name, since it's unlikely that his parent would call him by their surname. But I'm glad that they still haven't told us what their surname is, cuz I'd like some things about him (such as this) to remain a bit of a mystery.

And yes, it made me all manner of happy for Monroe to propose to Rosalee, and for her to say yes, cuz I want the two of them to have super happy marital bliss together (not that they don't have super awesome love bliss already). The way that he did it made me happy as well, mostly cuz it was super dorky in a way that was totally him

The ending of the episode ... I don't suppose that there was any way that it could have ended any differently once Monroe realized that Nick was the one who was at the door, but I'm not entirely sure why he wouldn't have told Nick that he was busy just then and ask him to come back later. Of course, doing that would mean that we wouldn't have the ZOMG! moment that his xenophobic parents provided when they realized that they were in the presence of a Grimm. Still, Nick would have to realize that he can't just bust in any ol' time, and he probably should have realized that he had come at a bad time when Monroe looked so uncomfortable when he opened the door.

I don't see Monroe's parents being anywhere as cool about Nick being a Grimm, or wanting to be BFFs with him the way that Monroe (or even the way that Rosalee or Bud is). I would imagine that there would be some family tension after this ... but it would probably mean that Monroe wouldn't have to deal with his parents for a while, which I don't think that he'd be all that sorry about.

I have a feeling that we're going to find out that Adalind's baby is Sean's, but that mostly comes from the assumption that the new crown prince (whose name I am completely blanking on) made about how it was Eric's. Like I said before, it would still mean that the baby would have royal blood, but I don't see how the baby wouldn't still be treated like shit by the family (if they didn't try to kill it before it became old enough to defend itself from them), cuz it would be the bastard child of a bastard child. Plus, I can see the writers making Sean the father so that the Scoobs would have to deal with Adalind a bit more (since that would create more tension for them). I can also see Sean trying to protect the baby as much as he possibly could if/when he found out that it was his, and it would probably create an extra layer to his fight against the rest of the royals (which would probably be the only real danger that the rest of the royals would get from the child until s/he grew up). I would love to see more about the tensions and intrigues with the royals, but since this show is called "Grimm," I don't see that we're going to get nearly as much of the intrigue that I would probably like.

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