Monday, October 15, 2012

'A Day to Give Thanks' -- Copper 1x09

Warning: Spoiler alert

Ahh, so it looks like Ellen did kill Maggie, but that it was an accident. The fact that it was an accident doesn't make me feel any more forgiving toward her for what happened ... probably for the fact that she was having an affair, and that Maguire had been lying to Kevin about the whole thing ever since he came back. Sure, she was lonely, but that doesn't seem like it's an excuse to be disloyal to him IMO. But at least now we know what it was that happened that the writers have only been hinting at since the beginning of the season.

And now I'm wondering when exactly Maguire's relationship with Molly started, and if he was really in love with her. Could it have been that he started it up right after checking Ellen into the hospital? That seems like it might be likely. And if his relationship with Mary is anything to go by, perhaps Molly was only someone to fill the hole that was left by Ellen. He really seemed like he cared about Molly, but if Kevin can be believed about Maguire's character (and what the man looks like when he's in love), maybe it all really comes back to Ellen.

It also seems much more like Maguire was trying to protect Ellen. Maybe not so much from Kevin's anger (which I'm sure he would probably have known would be coming), but from the ghosts that were inside of her own head. She seemed to be wracked with guilt over the baby and over Maggie, so her being in a constant, drug-induced haze probably seemed preferable to her, and something that might be helpful for her to him. Of course, it only delayed the inevitable when it came to dealing with what had happened, but it probably seemed to them like it was something that could help her deal with everything.

Morehouse Jr seems to be up to his neck in it now, and I'm not entirely sure that he's going to be able to extricate himself from something that might be eighteen kinds of awful. It seems much more like he's trying to show up his father in some manner, and so he's willing to agree to do things that maybe he should back away from (and things that he maybe doesn't entirely agree with. I don't get the impression that his thinking is completely aligned with Kennedy and his pals, regardless of what he may say. It seems maybe that he is looking for a bit of excitement in his life (cuz he feels like it's dull), and that he is trying to get his father's attention (especially when you consider his little outburst in this episode)). It seems like the longer he stays palling around with these guys who are trying to burn down New York, the harder it's going to be for him to stop them, and the harder it's going to be for him to look like he's completely on-board with everything that they're doing. It's almost funny that he also says that Kevin is really the only person that he thinks that he can trust, even while I want to go "well, duh". Even while he's the one that has said that everyone lies to Kevin, he also seems to realize that Kevin is really the only one (besides O'Brien) that is really honest, and who you can trust to be someone of his word (and someone who is authentic).

Elizabeth and John Wilkes Booth ... yeah, there is certainly something going on there. It could be that the two of them had an affair sometime in the past, but I'm thinking that it might actually have been something more like she is a Southern sympathizer, and met him that way. Either way, I really can't bring myself to trust her, and I kind of want something bad to happen to her by the end of it for all of her lies and manipulation (I still think that she's trying to manipulate Morehouse Jr (and really anybody that she thinks that she can) to get herself a leg-up).

Good on whoever wrote this episode for putting in that line about Molly, and the director put Eva full in shot for that look of d'oh. It kind of seemed like Molly's murder had been forgotten, and maybe now that other more pressing things had been figured out someone will figure out what had happened to her. Why do I kind of want Annie to be the one who finds out? It probably wouldn't be good for her to find out that just one more person had been murdered by someone that she trusted (it would more than likely give her another reason not to be able to trust people and to become bitter about life), but at the same time ... Eva isn't exactly the best person for her to be looking up to. I'm not talking about what she does for a living, but I'm talking about what she is willing to do to people who trust her. While I don't see her sending Annie off somewhere cuz she has become "problematic" (the way that Elizabeth did), but the fact that she is willing to lie to Kevin and kill someone who she thinks is getting a little too close to him (in her own obsessive mind) means that she probably shouldn't be a role model for a little girl.

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