Monday, October 22, 2012

'A Vast and Fiendish Plot' -- Copper 1x10

Warning: Spoiler Alert

For a season finale, this episode didn't really give me all of the closure that I was hoping for regarding the season. Sure, they had to leave some things open for next season, but I am still bothered by the fact that Kevin never found out that it was Eva that killed Molly. While they seem to be going their separate ways (now that Ellen is back in the picture), I don't think that he would have trusted Eva anywhere nearly as much as he did if he had known that she had killed someone so that she could be closer to him; and I certainly don't think that he would have left her alone with Ellen nearly as much as he did, if he had known that she was willing to kill someone who looked like she might be even the slightest bit of a threat to her being near him (and being his one and only). I have the feeling that he would have wondered if she was willing to do it to Molly (when Molly had only the slightest connection to him), what would she do to Ellen? But I'm glad that she realized that killing Ellen was out of bounds (not that killing Molly was ok, cuz it wasn't), and that now that his wife is back in the picture, she should probably take her leave (at least as far as them continuing to sleep with each other was concerned). But I still want there to be justice for Molly ... I still want someone to know what happened to her (what really happened to her). Regardless of her profession, she was still a person, and still deserved to be able to live without being murdered (especially by someone that she trusted).

"Maggie" standing there and "watching" Kevin shoot up ... I was struck right there by just how much she really did look like Annie, cuz I really did think that it was Annie standing there and watching him ... that she maybe woke up after he had closed her door and had come downstairs to see what was going on. As much as I don't want Kevin to use drugs (and I want him to feel happy enough that he doesn't feel like he needs to use them), I really don't want Annie to see him do it. She's had enough horrible things happen in her life without adding seeing someone that she trusts and cares for shoot up; for all we know, seeing Kevin do it might make her think that maybe it's ok for her to do it as well, and who knows what added horrors would have come into her life cuz of that.

And speaking of Annie (and of Eva), I was really glad when Eva called Annie out for her BS, and her inability to have sympathy (or empathy) for anyone else ... and for the fact that even though she had been dealt a crappy hand, she could make things far worse cuz of her attitude. I don't think that she would have listened to Kevin if he had said the same thing to her (especially since he seems to be so willing to protect her from everything, regardless of what that may mean, and knowing that, she may not take it as seriously if it came from him); it seems like that sort of thing probably held a little more weight coming from Eva than from Kevin (or from anyone else that was in her life).

I'm really glad that Morehouse Jr was able to get out from underneath his father's thumb, and was able to start down the road of becoming his own man. Good for him. His father's company seemed to be rather toxic for him, and seemed to spur him down a road that would have caused him to continue to do things that were harmful to himself. Also, good on Elizabeth for telling Kennedy that he needed to piss off, cuz he had been willing to do more harm than she had thought that he was going to do. This doesn't excuse the fact that she seemed to be ok with the burning of New York when she thought that there would be less loss of life, but at least she was willing to pull herself out of things once she realized that there was more going on than what she had originally thought.

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