Monday, October 22, 2012

'The Other Side' -- Grimm 2x08

Warning: Spoiler Alert

So, I guess that we know for sure now that Renard really is half a Hexenbiest. I am glad that they had Renard's brother say so, cuz I didn't want to just accept it on speculation (as I would much rather have the writers put something like that in canon). And the fact that Renard is half a Wesen, and his brother seems to be entirely human ... it makes me wonder how the royals were able to know who the Wesen were in general, and who the individuals were specifically? It doesn't seem as though they started off as Grimms, since Renard's brother seems to think of them with a bit of distain. When he was talking to Adalind, it seemed like she felt like she needed to make sure that he knew that she wasn't really associated with the Grimm (cuz he has cooties. Ewwww). Also, why would they have needed (or wanted) to control the Wesen? Is there some reason behind that? Did the Wesen originally help them in getting their power, the power that eventually led them to becoming royals in the first place? And then, they needed the Grimms to make sure that the people that helped them get control were ... under control? I have the feeling like there is so much more there that we are not being told about ... and I'm starting to get the feeling like the writers may not tell us what is going on with this. After all, they are still leaving Nick clueless about how the Wesen know that he is a Grimm, even though he still has two people that could tell him exactly what is going on ... two people who are right there ... and yet, he still insists on walking around and guessing about what may be the cause, instead of asking them (even though he has no problem asking them about other things).

Also, about Monroe and Renard ... what the hell was in that potion that made it possible for Renard to kiss Juliette awake? The effects of it (when it comes to his Wesen half) don't seem to be permanent; but when it comes to the manufactured feelings that they created ... wow. Whatever it was that they created, it doesn't seem like it was a "true love" potion; it seems far more like it was meant to create obsessive feelings. Or could it maybe have really have been something to manufacture "true love," but the longer you go without getting something to counter it, the more likely you are to become obsessed with the person that you kissed awake? Maybe? But until we really know for sure what was in the potion, and how it is supposed to work, everything is guesswork at this point. For a second, it almost seemed like Monroe might be able to get some information out of him that he might have been able to pass on to Nick, but that would be far too easy, wouldn't it? But now that he's seen Renard's face, and knows that Renard is now obsessing over someone (via a potion that he took), I have a feeling that at some point in the future, Monroe will see Renard in an official capacity, and relay some kind of suspicions onto Nick and Hank.

And the fact that they seemed to be making such a big deal about the new ring that Renard is wearing, it makes it seem like there is something important about it. On the "Grimm" Wiki, they were saying that it could have been a ring with a coat of arms on it, but it seems much more likely to me that he stole it after he broke into Nick and Juliette's place. Ok, yeah, if he stole one of Juliette's rings, he would probably have to wear it on his pinkie (unless he had it enlarged to fit his ring finger), but the fact that he didn't start wearing it until after he broke into their place seems kind of significant to me when trying to guess its importance and its significance (to him and to the overall mythos of the show).

Mixing the DNA of different Wesen in one person, creating a person that could access two different Wesen ... interesting. It makes me wonder what would happen, if it occurred naturally (instead of the alternate Wesen DNA being added artificially, when the person already has a complete set of DNA from one group of Wesen, and the alternate information creating what appeared to be an alternate (and foreign) personality). If it happened naturally, would it be possible for the Wesen to be able to access two different Wesn Woge forms? Or would there be some kind of merging of the two? Since this particular kid had added things that were foreign to his original makeup, it makes me wonder if that was the reason why he had two different forms (and where there was one that he really wasn't aware of being there). Now that it's official that Renard is half a Hexenbiest, it makes me wonder if the way he looks when he Woges is the way that anyone would look when they Woge (if they were half and half) ... but maybe that only works when you're half human? I know that I have a tendency to think far too hard about this sort of thing when it comes to genre television, but I needs to know!!

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