Saturday, October 27, 2012

'La Llorona' -- Grimm 2x09

Warning: Spoiler Alert

So, it would appear that the woman in white has managed to make an appearance in the Grimm world now. So, not only do we need to consider all of the various fairytale creatures that could possibly cause harm upon Nick, Juliette, and Hank, but now we also need to consider urban legends and ghost stories. I'm glad that the writers decided that they would expand a little bit so that we aren't just dealing with fairytale creatures from the Grimm's fairytales, but that we're also dealing with things that have their basis in urban legends. It gives them a little bit more wiggle room when they are trying to create their mythos, since they don't have to be locked into one group of stories. It almost makes me want them to add on the fairytales by Hans Christian Anderson, but only really being familiar with the Disney version of "The Little Mermaid," I'm wondering if they would be dark enough for the series (I have bought the Barnes & Noble binding of the complete Hans Christian Anderson fairy tales, and they have been added to the pile of books that I'm planning on reading).

I was kind of disappointed by the fact that when Nick was fighting with the woman in white, the moment that she started to fall away from him, my first thought was that it had to have been midnight (and that that was really the only thing that would have caused her to break off her fight with him) ... and then, when Nick got out of the water, he was told that it was a minute passed midnight. I was kind of disappointed by the fact that that was the reason why she left, and that the boys weren't able to figure out some way to stop her from hurting anyone else in the future. Ok, it may not have been entirely plausible, since there seemed to be Grimms in the past with a lot more knowledge of their history (and what they could and could not do) who were unable to figure out a way to stop her from hurting anyone else in the future, but I would still have liked to have seen Nick figure something out ... like maybe that he was able to come at it with a new perspective since he's still new to the whole thing? But maybe that was hoping for a little too much ... especially since he still seems like he is unable to realize that Monroe and Rosalee could probably tell him exactly why it is that Wesen are able to figure out that he is a Grimm after they have gone into their Woge state. So, maybe I'm expecting a little too much from him sometimes.

And at first, I thought that Valentina Espinosa (the former detective who was trying to find the woman in white) was a Rißfleisch, and I was super excited that we were finally getting to see one in the flesh (as it were). I mean, how many times have we seen that page with the Rißfleisch? A billiony, or so? The people on this show are giant teases in that way. But she wasn't a tiger Wesen, she was a jaguar Wesen. Still cool, but it would just be nice to finally have a character example of that particular one, since we've seen the picture over and over and over again. And I totally did a facepalm when I realized that her fir in her Woge state wasn't actually purplish ... which would have been kind of cool. Stupid light from the computer screen messing with the color of her fir and making me think that it was a color that it actually wasn't. ::shakes fist::

Also, those punk kids who were terrorizing Monroe ... am I the only one who thought of the punks from Cobra Kai when they saw the kid who was dressed up as a skeleton? Those Cobra Kai punks would totally have broken Monroe's window on purpose, and they would totally have deserved having the crap scared out of them, too.

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