Friday, October 5, 2012

'While You Were Sleeping' -- Elementary 1x02

Warning: Spoiler Alert

I thought that this episode wasn't nearly as awful as the first episode was, but it still wasn't as good as it could have (or should have) been. I have two issues with this episodes ... well, two that are larger than the others.

1. The implication that Watson needed to have sex to be in a good mood, and therefore have Sherlock be able to stand her for a little while longer. Sexism much? So far, Watson has gone out of her way to be a help to Sherlock in the cases that he has taken on with the police, and while he may think that she has gone a little too far into what he considers personal, the fact that he has gone out of his way to go into parts of her personal life (where he has no business being) and implying that she needs have a man in her life (to at least be able to have sex with). That isn't even considering the fact that Sherlock's unwanted "help" to get the ex back in the picture accomplishes nothing but making an already complicated relationship a little more strained than it needs to be. For all Sherlock knew, he was adding an expectation that Watson did not, or could not want to fulfill. And the reason that he seemed to do it seemed to have a lot to do with revenge for her doing her job. Yes, she noticed the violin, and she suggested that he pick it back up, but it had nothing to do with spite on her part. It wasn't as if the violin was hidden, and her suggestion that he start playing again had everything to do with trying to help him along with his recovery.

2. The writers went from a plot last week that was kind of convoluted, to one that was predictable. The pilot episode seemed to kind of go out of its way to make it so that the audience couldn't figure out what was going on to this one ... where really anyone could have figured out what was going on. The second that they pointed out the fact that you can always tell when someone is in a coma cuz of the "drop their hand on their face" test, it became obvious what was going on. Things shouldn't be so convoluted that there is no way that anyone could figure things out, but there shouldn't be so much emphasis on something that it gives away what is happening and who the killer is.

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