Thursday, October 18, 2012

'Heartbreak' -- SPN 8x03

Warning: Spoiler Alert

So, this is the second week in a row where there has been a reference to Thor. Last week we had Mjölnir, and this week, we have a testy police officer calling one of the boys "Thor". There's probably nothing meant by it, but it still seems rather odd to me that this one particular god would be alluded to, two weeks in a row. It makes me want to think that there is something going on there, but I'll admit that a big part of that just may be the fact that I would really love to see Thor show up on Show (and is it horrible of me that I would kind of like to see him mop the floor with the boys for a little bit?). It would be kind of awesome if the boys became allies with him (if he did show up), since he's supposed to be a champion of the people. But knowing them, and the way that they want to kill anything that isn't human (with the exception of Cas and Gabriel), I doubt that he would last for very long against them. Even though he's supposed to have +1 Billiony in strength, I'm sure that the writers would add some sort of weakness for him so that the boys could gank him before the end of the episode.

I really don't see why Dean isn't taking Sam's threats seriously. It isn't as though Sam hasn't wanted to get out of the hunting life since before the show started. Hell, he's gotten out for a while, more than once. Just cuz Dean is gung-ho about the family business (and just cuz he's got blinders on right now) doesn't mean that Sam won't bail on him at the first opportunity ... again. Too bad Bobby isn't around to knock their heads together and demand that the two of them actually talk to each other (as well as actually listen to each other). It might not do a whole hell of a lot, but at least it would be something, since the two of them have always seemed bent on not communicating with each other. The way that the two of them turned out with John "raising" them, it makes me wonder how different things might have been if it had been John that died, and Mary had been the one that raised them. She would certainly have been far more sympathetic to their lives, being raised as hunters (since that's how she was raised as well), and she would more than likely have understood why Sam would not want to be a part of it. As much as it seems to give Dean a direction, a purpose to his life, Sam only seems to really thrive when he doesn't have to hunt. I have a feeling that if Mary had raised them, neither of them would have really understood what it was to be a hunter, and maybe Sam would have been able to go to college and be a lawyer ... maybe he'd have a family of his own by this point (whether he would have still met Jess and had one with her, or met someone else along the way).

I get the feeling that the way that Dean keeps brushing Sam off when he says that he wants to give up hunting, we're going to have a repeat of season four when the boys had that knock-down/drag-out before Sam bailed ... and season five, when they had that fight and Sam walked away. But what was I saying before about the writers rehashing old ideas instead of coming up with anything new? It would be truly fantastic if they would do something new, instead of doing the same things over and over ... as well as if they would Joss some of the theories that people have about what will happen on Show, instead of consistently pulling a Kripkie. But that may be expecting a little too much from them.

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