Wednesday, October 17, 2012

'Murder, He Wrote' -- Castle 5x04

Warning: Spoiler Alert

This is one of the first episodes that I've really enjoyed in a long time, as it made me keep laughing through the entire episode. Most of what I really found amusing about it happened with Ryan and Esposito trying to figure out who it was that Beckett was seeing now, and being so completely wrong about who it was. I almost expected the two of them to realize that it was Castle almost right away, after everyone seemed to know that Esposito and Lanie were seeing each other ... but maybe the two of them were a little worse at hiding it ... Castle did seem kind of obvious about it to me, but maybe that's just cuz I had the advantage of being a viewer and being privy to information that Ryan and Esposito didn't have. I also almost expected Ryan to tell Esposito all about what he had found out, especially after he seemed to enjoy making Castle sweat, and implying that he knew exactly what was going on, but I'm glad that he didn't. It seemed to be Esposito that was all worked up about trying to find out who Beckett was seeing in the beginning, and Ryan seemed to be more than happy to just let her have her secret.

But the fact that the person that got killed just happened to stumble into Castle's Hampton backyard and fall into his pool on the one weekend that the two of them were there seems a bit of a stretch to me. The odds of that happening seem to be a little too high. It's not as though Castle goes out to his Hampton's home all that often (only seeming to go on an odd weekend, or over the summer when he's trying to escape his feelings for Beckett), so it almost seems like there would need to be a "perfect storm" for all of these things to happen at the same time. It seems far more likely to me that something like that would have happened when he wasn't there ... but then, we couldn't just have Castle and Beckett having an "uneventful" weekend away, can we? That would more than likely make for an episode that didn't appeal to viewers of a show about a detective and a mystery writer. But I suppose we can take from it that at least Castle got an idea for another book, and he may be able to fool mostly everyone for a while longer.

That being said ... if the writers are already having other characters in Castle and Beckett's lives figuring out what is going on between them, how much longer before the information is all over the place? I don't think that Ryan will say anything ... at least not for a while yet (and I don't think that Martha and Alexis are going to say anything ... unless by accident), but eventually Esposito and Lanie are going to figure it out, too. And if the information gets back to the captain, Castle really isn't going to be able to tag along with them anymore (and there goes the show). Montgomery would more than likely have pretended that he didn't know about what was going on, but that is cuz he liked Castle. The new captain ... there is no way that she isn't going to throw Castle out on his ear. Is it wrong that I kind of want the captain to figure it out, just so that I can see how Castle would figure out how he would still be able to help them on their cases? It might be kind of interesting.

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