Saturday, October 13, 2012

'The Bottle Imp' -- Grimm 2x07

Warning: Spoiler alert

This episode brought to you by "The Spirit in the Bottle".

Very nice that the bad guy of the episode turned out to not be who we were led to believe that it was in the beginning, and that everything that we thought that we saw in the episode was really something else. Fantastic. But the thing that kind of left me unnerved was when the guard came to meet up with Nick to take our creepy kid to juvie, she kept smiling, but we couldn't see what she was smiling to, or hear what was possibly being said that would make her smile. When a creepy kid starts smiling, and you don't know why ... that makes them even more creepy. Word.

So, Captain Renard was the only one who could reverse the "spell"/"potion" that Juliette was under the effects of ... I want to know why that is. Is it only cuz he has royal blood, or is it something within the workings of what was done to her that only Renard could specifically wake her up? It could be the former, but I really wouldn't be surprised if it were the latter. Adalind certainly seems like she would be the type to do something like that just to mess with people that she thinks have done something to her (whether they really have, or she just imagined that they did). And I'm still a bit bitter about the fact that the writers pulled a fake-out on us about Juliette remembering who Nick is (and who he was) to her. Thanks for the "Dallas" moment, writers. Psyche. As happy as I was by the preview that it looked like she was going to remember him, as soon as the scene played out in the episode, I had a really bad feeling that Nick was going to suddenly realize he was dreaming and wake up. Yeah, it might be a little too early for her to be getting her memory back about Nick (especially with this infatuation that they're building up between Juliette and Renard), but I would still really like to see it happen. The fact that she can't remember him still feels a whole hell of a lot like the writers may use that as a way to write her off of the show, and I don't want that to happen.

Also, why did it take me so long to actually notice that Renard is wearing what appears to be a wedding ring? There doesn't seem to be any wife around, so I wonder if she has died? Or is somewhere in France? In hiding? Or if he is only wearing it (and has the picture of the baby) as some sort of cover story? If there is a wife, she doesn't seem to be in Portland at all, or else we probably would have met her by now. If she does exist, I wonder if she is being held by his family, and the reason why he is keeping an eye on Nick is so that he can figure out a way to use Nick to help free her? That might explain why he is doing things that are so secretive, and he has people that are working as informants for him. I'm trying to remember exactly what he said to the blonde Mia last week, when he said that he would ... what was it? ... get back what was his? Something like that? I wonder if what he actually meant was his family (as in wife and kids, and not the family he was born into), and not his "rightful place" as a member of the royals. It might make an interesting twist, since the writers have been seemingly leading us down the path of believing that what Renard really wants, more than anything, is to make his family pay for the way they have treated him cuz he is illegitimate; but if what we've heard and seen that has let us think that that's what is going on, and it's really that he's trying to save his family (from his brother, maybe?), that would be fantastic. And the fact that this entire episode was all about the bait and switch, and making the viewer think that one person was the baddie, when it was really someone else ... that really goes right into what I am starting to think maybe is going on with Renard. So, maybe the writers are trying to set us up for that? That would be kind of awesome.

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