Thursday, October 11, 2012

'What's Up, Tiger Mommy?' -- SPN 8x02

Warning: Spoiler Alert

There were a few things that kind of bugged me about this episode.

1. Why does Crowley have red smoke, instead of black? Sure, it looked cool, and he started off being the king of the crossroads (and crossroads demons have red eyes), but that doesn't explain why his smoky bits aren't black. Every other time that we've seen a demon's smoky bits, they have been black; none of them have been special enough to have a different colored smoke attached to them, and it doesn't make sense for that to suddenly change now (as far as canon is concerned). If high ranking demons are going to have smoke that is a different color than black, then we should have seen that happen with Lu, Lilith and Azazel. After all, Lu is the first demon (so, you have to figure that he is special, right?), Lilith was the first one that he turned (and if her eyes were white, why wasn't her smoky bits as well?), and YED was pretty much in charge after Lu was caged up (again, if his eyes were yellow, why wasn't his smoke?). This seemed far too much like the new show runner wanting to put his stamp on the show, and coming in some time when they were first putting everything together and saying, "ZOMG!! you guys!! I have the coolest idea ever ..." But the fact is that it makes no sense as far as canon goes, since Crowley is only the King of Hell cuz Lu, Lilith, and Azazel are no longer in the picture; as soon as Lu shows back up again, Crowley is back to giving people contracts to sign.

2. Crowley being told that he doesn't have a soul. Uhm ... bull. Canon has already established that demons started off as humans; humans have souls; demons can be killed if you salt and burn their bones (same as a ghost); therefore, demons have souls. They may be corrupted and not necessarily the kind of thing that you would want to accept as payment on a trade, but canon tells us that it is still there.

3. Mjölnir being thrown around without the use of the belt Megingjörð, or the gloves Járngreipr. Ok, I can understand maybe forgoing the use of the gloves that legend says are essential for using the hammer, but not using the belt? Part of the point of the hammer is that it is so heavy that it can't be picked up without the use of the belt (no matter how big or small it happens to be in that moment). So, having some random dude carrying it around like it was no problem wasn't going to happen, and having Sam actually use it without the belt ... uhm ... no. Sam may be a giant, but he is not strong enough to be able to throw around Mjölnir without assistance, and that is a fact (if Thor needs the belt, so does Sam). Also, the dude that bought the hammer at the auction ... the one who said it was so nice to have the hammer back ... and then, got smashed by Sam hammering him to death ... I want to know who that guy was. I don't believe for a second that it was actually supposed to Thor (despite the possession of a finger bone of a Frost Giant, or the fact that he said it was nice to have Mjölnir back). Why don't I think that that was Thor? The fact that he offered up part of a virgin as his payment for Mjölnir. Thor is a champion of the people, and as such, he isn't going to go sacrificing them to get Mjölnir back ... dress in drag, certainly, but not harm a human for it. And we know that it also couldn't have been Loki, since Gabriel was pretending to be a Norse god after he left Heaven and went into hiding. We also know that it wasn't Baldur, since he was killed by Lu (and beside the fact that Baldur would not have harmed a human for Mjölnir ... well, if we're talking about Baldur before he went to Helheim. After Helheim, he may not have been the same ... but the fact that he's supposed to be the new All-Father after Ragnarök would suggest that he would probably come out of Helheim not all that different than what he was like when he went in). So, who was that man? I needs to know.

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