Saturday, October 6, 2012

'Over My Dead Body' -- Grimm 2x06

Warning: Spoiler Alert

This episode brought to you by "The Three Snake-leaves."

I thought that this week was supposed to be the episode where Juliette remembers Nick? Maybe the network just put the wrong preview up for this week? Well, hopefully it will happen next week (like the preview showed), since I was starting to get kind of nervous that the writers were going to use Juliette's amnesia as a way to write her off of the series. After all, if she can't remember Nick, and her character isn't really being explored at all, it would seem likely that the writers had decided that they wanted to go in a different direction when it comes to Nick having a SO. I don't think that's the way to go; even if their relationship isn't perfect (but what one is?), it's still better to have him have someone than to have him be alone. It seems like it helps to keep him grounded, with all of the crazy things that are happening in his life ... and he does seem to be happy with her ... at least, they seemed happy when she could remember who he was (even if she wasn't ready to say yes to his proposal, and even if he really is keeping things from her).

Speaking of the proposal, and him giving her the very real answer that she said no cuz she didn't like feeling like she was being kept in the dark ... the fact that Monroe called right then, and Nick only proved her point again that he really is keeping things from her ... kind of pushes that part of their relationship in your face, doesn't it? Ok, yeah, maybe he isn't willing to tell her about everything right now, when she doesn't know him anymore (and the truth would likely freak her out), but it's still bringing the issue to the forefront that he didn't tell her as soon as maybe he should have (about all of the crazy things that have been happening in his life since Aunt Marie came for that visit). Maybe he has been scared to tell her what has been going on, but still ... if their relationship was strong enough for it, he should have been able to tell her a long time ago about what has been going on (and I think that she would have been able to handle everything from the beginning). For all we know, Juliette knowing from the beginning of Nick being thrown into this world would have been a help for him in the things that he would have to do as a Grimm, and knowing would certainly have helped their relationship (since she wouldn't be feeling like he's trying to keep her out of parts of his life that are important).

The woman who wanted Monroe dead, I don't think that she is the person that actually wants to send the message to people that they need to not be friends with a Grimm. Whoever those people were in that picture that Renard found of her, I think that they may be the ones who are actually behind all of this. I am guessing that they are somewhere else, somewhere other than Portland cuz of the fact that she came in on a jet (and was going to try to sneak away on one as well), but I'm wondering if a Wesen in Portland being friends with the Grimm that's there is something that would throw shockwaves through their entire community. After all, it seemed to throw shockwaves out all over the place that Nick had killed Reapers. I'm wondering who this woman is, and what her relationship is to Renard (and to the Royals in general). I get the feeling that there is a whole lot that we don't know about her yet.

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