Thursday, October 4, 2012

'We Need to Talk About Kevin' -- SPN 8x01

Warning: Spoiler Alert

First episode in a new season from Show, and we're already rehashing things that have happened on Show three or four times already at the least. You know what would be really nice? If the writers of Show would come up with something new. Novel, I know. But how many times are we going to go through having one of the boys end up dead, or in a cage with Lucifer, or in Purgatory only to have the one that went away come back by some miracle and have the reunion be full of "And now let's go through the twelve billiony things we need to do to prove that we aren't creepy crawlies, and we can have a proper hugging of it out, bitch"? You know when that sort of thing held some weight to it, and wasn't so old hat that it had become beyond boring? The end of season one and the beginning of season two. Ever since that point there has been absolutely no suspense that whoever has been killed or pulled into some sort of Hellscape isn't going to come back, and will be pretty functional after a surprisingly short amount of time. And let's not forget that we've now added that whichever one of them is still here, they will find love (or something akin to it) while the other is inside of their Hellscape. It is getting ever so boring. I don't know why I continue with Show anymore at this point (Hell, they killed off Bobby, and he had become pretty much the only thing that I was looking forward to on Show anymore) other than nostalgia for when I still thought that it was something good.

Also, I am finding it really hard to sympathize with Sam on any of the things that he was saying to Kevin. He has been emo for so long that it has become his default position, and the fact that he didn't even try to find Dean ... like Dean said, when has that ever been normal for the two of them (even when they both knew that at least one of them was completely boned)? Seems to me that Dean had every reason to feel betrayed over that; after all, what wouldn't Dean have done for Sam? The man went to Hell so that his brother could live, and when Dean just disappears now, Sam doesn't even try? And all of that about, "Well, I lost my entire family!! Woe!!" Yeah, but he had no reason to believe that Dean was dead. None. For all he knew, Dean could have just been teleported somewhere else on the globe and had no way of getting back to Sam. Crowley saying that Sam was now truly and completely alone ... I don't know why this would have been taken as fact (since this seems to be the only thing that Sam had to go on that he didn't have Dean to rely on anymore). Demons lie. DEMONS LIE!! And the fact that Dean would have done anything he had to in making sure that Sam was alright (like getting Death to bring back Sam's soul from the Cage), and that Sam wasn't willing to at least look for Dean to make sure he was alright screams "selfish" to me. I get that Sam didn't want the Hunter's life, but since when does not wanting the life that was pushed onto him mean that he abandons his family without at least trying to make sure that they are ok, or if he can do anything for them? How many times do the two of them need to cheat death before he realizes that even if Dean was dead, there was still a very good chance that he could be brought back? Yes, I keep getting more and more irritated with the big idiot as time goes by.

And while we're talking about irritation surrounding Sam ... what is it with the writers of Show coming from a place that is at the very least borderline homophobic? Since when does telling someone that "it gets better," mean that you have to add a joke about "Oh, you know I'm not gay, right?" Yes, there has been a campaign to tell kids in the LGBT community that it does get better (in hopes that it might make it through to them, and there will be less kids in this community who commit suicide cuz they feel helpless and hopeless), but that in no way means that this is the only community that can (or should) use those words in that order. There are plenty of kids that get bullied, and who are not part of the LGBT community that need to know that it gets better and that they should not give up hope. It would be really nice if the writers of Show would realize that and would stop taking cheap shots that make it seem like they are at least a little bit homophobic and that they need to make jokes at someone else's expense to make themselves feel better.

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