Thursday, February 7, 2013

'Everybody Hates Hitler' -- SPN 8x13

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

So, the box that the boys got had a key to a super-secret Men of Letters bunker. Nice. I get the feeling that what the writers were actually trying to do with that was to give the boys a base of operation to work out of ... something akin to a home, as it were. It's not going to be anything like Bobby's, but it'll still be something. I don't mean that it won't be like Bobby's cuz of the amount of knowledge that is collected there (since I have the feeling that the bunker is going to have more, and stuff that may be way more obscure), but it won't be the same cuz of the love that is there. After all, Bobby was the closest thing that they had to a father (and they were the closest thing he had to kids). But having someplace that they can both return to will do them some good, I'm sure. That being said, if they're going to keep going back to this one place, I think that they should put some protective spells on the place. I wouldn't be surprised if there are already some there (even if we didn't see the boys looking for and finding any (not that they necessarily would have found any or all of them, if the Men of Letters are as badass as they have been presented to be when it comes to spell work), that doesn't mean that there isn't something (or quite a few somethings) there to not only keep them safe, but to also keep the place safe ... after all, I don't see the place remaining empty and untouched for all this time without there being wards to keep out the people and things that aren't wanted inside); but it also wouldn't hurt if the boys added some of their own to make doubly sure that nothing is coming in that they don't want in there.

And I'm really getting the feeling that Sam is getting an "out" when it comes to hunting. He has never really wanted this life, and has been way more of a researcher anyway. With him staying back while Dean went out to see Kevin and Garth, and diving into the files that they found there, as well as starting up the files again with their own adventures ... it looks like he's being given a chance to be the one that stays in the books and trying to figure out how to get things done, as well as figure out what they might be up against (while making sure that future hunters and Men of Letters have things that are a little more current to reference when they are needing information).

Also, I suppose that the boys have new secret society (in the Judah Initiative ... even though it's only Aaron and his golem right now) to be allied with. I'm really hoping that we see Aaron and the golem again in the future ... perhaps during a showdown with Naomi? How awesome would it be if Aaron was able to start learning some Rabbanistic magic that would be crucial in taking her down? It's true that there isn't much time left until the end of the season, and it isn't likely that he's going to learn that much, but it would still be pretty awesome for him to get back in touch with his heritage (and be something of a hunter/man of letters in his own way).

I want to know what the hell is up with the Thule Society. The way the camera lingered on the ring that Eckhart was wearing, I really do have the feeling like it is something important ... like we're going to be seeing it again later on, and were supposed to take special notice of it so that we recognize it again later (and perhaps realize that whoever is associated with it later on is far more horrible than we realize). Why would I not be at all surprised if we find out that the symbol originates with Naomi, and that she was the one who first started Eckhart and his idiots on their path of necromancy? I'm trying to remember what exactly was on the ring ... I remember thinking that it looked like a sword with wings behind it. There's got to be some kind of significance to what was on it, and I would really like to know what it is.

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