Monday, February 25, 2013

'Tournament of Shadows' -- Ripper Street 1x06

Warning: Spoiler Alert

So, now we finally have a bit of information about what happened with Reid and Emily's daughter (as well as now having her name). And I'm glad to now know why it is that he throws himself into his work: he blames himself for what happened to his daughter and to everyone else that happened to that day (and thinks that everyone else blames him as well ... I wouldn't be at all surprised to find out that Emily really does blame him as much as he blames himself for what happened, even if I'm not convinced yet that what happened was actually his fault). And the fact that he thinks that Matilda is actually alive, I think maybe says as much about him as the fact that Emily thinks that she is dead. It seems like he needs to believe that she is still alive (even if it means that she's out in the world without the people that are most likely to protect and love her, and that she is possibly being forced to do things that no child should ever be forced to do).

But if she is alive, it makes me wonder what happened to her ... wonder like whoa. Could someone have taken her after finding her? Could she have wondered off after coming out of the water, perhaps with no memory of who she was? And if Reid ever finds her again (providing that she is still alive), what state will she be in? Will she be glad to be back with Reid and Emily again? It's possible that she might not be found again for several years, and she may have changed a great deal in the time that she has been away from her family. But it's also completely possible that she really is dead, but her body wasn't in the proper place to be found (maybe it was moved by someone, or by the water). Gah!! I need to know what happened to her and where she is now!! Cuz I'm sure that not knowing is going to drive me a bit bonkers ... which probably means that we aren't going to be told this series, or even next series (since it provides an underlying mystery to the show).

But WTH with Reid kissing Miss Goren? Yeah, I get that Emily is pushing him away (cuz she apparently blames him for what happened to Matilda), but still ... YOU'RE MARRIED, MAN!! She was nice to him, yes, but that doesn't mean that he shouldn't be loyal to his wife, yo.

Finding out that Homer Jackson isn't actually Jackson's real name wasn't really much of a revelation (since I didn't suspect that it actually was, nor do I think that anyone suspected that it was at this point). Still, it would be nice to know what he and Susan are trying to run away from, since it is super clear that the two of them have something that they really don't want finding either of them from when they were still in America (and it pretty clear that it's something pretty serious). And from the preview for next week, it looks like there is probably going to be something about what is actually going on with the two of them going on, and we might actually find out what it is that they are running away from.

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