Friday, February 22, 2013

'War' -- Suits 2x16

Warning: Spoiler Alert

I will be the first one to admit that I will be so very glad when the new season starts, and we possibly don't have to deal with the fallout of Daniel Hardman anymore. When he first came to the show, it was cool to see him, since we didn't really know all that much about him (and now was our chance to see exactly why it was that he was no longer with the firm, and why Jessica and Harvey seemed to hate him so much). But now that the season has finished, I am left more annoyed with him than anything else. Sure, he was fun at first, cuz he shaked things up a bit (and you don't want to see things getting stale, right?). But now, things have been shaken up to full tilt, and I'm getting the feeling more and more that things are going to kind of be in a shambles when we come back to the show over the summer. With the merger, at least the firm will still be intact, but what with everything that has been going on lately ... I still feel like there is going to be some really bad things coming. Harvey is obviously pissed about the fact that Jessica doesn't really trust him, and I wouldn't be surprised to find out that her whole thing about being able to "control him" is going to come back to blow up in her face (since I have a feeling that that is the sort of thing that would probably make him even more pissed). Even with his loyalty to Jessica, I have a feeling that after a while, we're going to see him walk ... even if she did have him sign paperwork that would mean that he wouldn't be able to work (once his trust is completely broken where she is concerned, I don't think that will matter all that much to him).

I was rather proud of Donna for sticking up for Scotty ... even though I really don't like Scotty. It was her being able to put aside her feelings for Harvey, realizing that it was unlikely that he was ever going to feel about her the way that she wanted him to, and trying to help someone else be happy. Also, good on her for calling him out on all of his bullshit with women, and the fact that he tends to run away when things get really serious with anyone. Whatever it was that his mom did, it must have been really bad to make him not want to get that close to anyone ever again. But now, I really would love to have some more information about Harvey's past (specifically about his family).

Good on Luis for finally telling Rachel the truth about what was going on. Yes, it made me want to snuggle him a little bit more when he told Mike that the real reason was that she "wasn't good enough" to get in to Harvard, but that he knew that was crap, cuz she really was good enough. As much of a jerk as the man can be, he obviously thinks very highly of Rachel ... I almost get the feeling that he thinks of her as a little sister. Sure, he has no idea of how to actually relate to people (and is completely socially autistic), but he tries to do the right thing by her (even if it isn't actually what he should be doing), and that's sweet.

Mike telling Rachel what the secret is ... I have a feeling that is going to come back and bite him in the ass later on. As soon as Harvey finds out, he's going to be furious. Donna is probably going to be disappointed, but she also may be relieved that she doesn't have to keep the information away from Rachel anymore (seeing as how the two of them are friends). And Jessica is probably going to be angry, as well as go into overdrive trying to make sure that one more person being a part of the "Mike is Not Actually a Lawyer" secret doesn't do them any harm. It might even do Rachel some good in the long run. Who knows, Jessica might just be able to pull some strings to make sure that Rachel does actually get into Harvard so that she doesn't tell anyone about what is really going on with Mike.

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