Tuesday, February 19, 2013

'Target' -- Castle 5x15

Warning: Spoiler Alert

The more that the episode went on, the more convinced I became that Alexis was the real target and that it was Sarah that had gotten in the way (not the other way around, like they seemed to be trying to make us believe). There was far too much in the way of trying to draw attention to the fact that Sarah's father was rich and had made so many enemies along the way. And the fact that the guys that held them spoke Arabic seemed far too much like a red herring. I really don't see why some dudes who were after Sarah would be stalking Alexis via her vlog, in the off chance that they might learn something about Sarah. There was no guarantee that the two of them would be friends, or that they would do anything with each other outside of class; so stalking Alexis via the interwebs seems like a complete waste of time ... unless it was Alexis who they were going after the entire time, and they were trying to find out where they might more easily kidnap her. And what with the preview for next week's episode (and the hearing of someone saying that he's Castle's father) makes me even more sure that the person that these guys were actually going after was Alexis, and that it was probably in retaliation for something that Castle's dad did. What do you want to bet that Castle's dad knows all about Castle, and has been following his life and career from a far? I wouldn't be surprised at all to find out that he's stayed away cuz of whatever he does, cuz he was trying to protect Martha and Castle (and then, later, Alexis). I really hope he turns out to be someone that lives up to the hype. Sure, there hasn't been a lot within the show, but he still has become something of a legend ... probably cuz the writers have let us put in so much in the way of possibilities where he is concerned. But the one thing that would make me happier than anything else when it comes to Castle's dad? If he eats whip cream straight from the can. I WANTS!!

Nathan Fillion really knocked it out of the park in this episode with his whole crying and worrying about Alexis. You don't tend to think of him as being the kind of guy who can really get to the woobie space, seeing as how he is such a clown (and I mean that in the best possible way, and not in the "ZOMG! clowns are the creepiest things that ever been created ... cuz they really, really are). But he really did well at making me get right there with the character and think that he was really worrying about Alexis ... and making me want to find him so I could snuggle him and promise him all of the things that Beckett couldn't without feeling like she was being a liar. That isn't to say that I don't totally understand why Beckett didn't tell him those things, cuz she didn't feel right about not being as close to the truth as she possibly could (since sometimes telling people what they want to hear is far worse than telling them what they need to hear). Also, good on her and Lanie for trying to stop him from seeing the blood in the van. They know how much he loves his baby, and they were trying to protect him from worrying more than he needs to ... not that he isn't going to go out of his mind knowing that someone has Alexis, and he can't be sure that she's ok or not. Still, good on them for trying to protect him until they could give him some real answers (so that his imagination didn't go into overdrive from the seeing of the blood).

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