Sunday, February 3, 2013

'The King Came Calling' -- Ripper Street 1x03

Warning: Spoiler Alert

I'm so very glad that Emily didn't die from the poison that dude was putting into the flour. Not only cuz it seems like Reid has been through enough lately (when it comes to the death of loved ones), but also cuz she seems like she really wants to do some good in the world (and that she might actually accomplish it). Also, hizzah! on her for being someone who genuinely wants to help, and who is willing to not judge the people that she is trying to help (as well as not trying to force them into a religion that they may not want, and which will probably only turn away the people that she is trying to help. As she said, they may not for the help that they so desperately need, if they think that they are going to be judged, converted, and forced into feeling even worse about mistakes that they may have made in the past).

I was glad that the Mrs. Gable was able to see that she may have been wrong in her attitudes, and that she may have been placing blame on the wrong people as far as her resentment for her husband was concerned. After all, only he can be blamed for the things that he decided to do (since no one forced him to sleep with prostitutes). And the fact that she realized the errors that she was making, and she was willing to bankroll Emily's efforts to help other people makes me happy inside of my happy place (since the change in her attitude seemed genuine).

They had a daughter that died!! Ok, I have to admit that I felt rather pleased with myself when they revealed that it was their daughter that was gone, since I guessed that that was what was going on. But now that we know for sure that it was their daughter, I am wondering even more what happened to her, cuz I still get the feeling like Reid is throwing himself into work cuz of her death ... that he feels like since he wasn't able to save her, that he is going to do everything that he can to try to save as many other people as he can. I don't think that Emily understands that about him, but hopefully, he will be able to explain it to her so that she knows why he is the way that he is.

I really didn't dig the fact that after they had caught the baddie, Reid made a point of telling him that Jackson was American, cuz the implication he was making with that statement was that Americans (as a general rule) are violent people and that we are the only ones who are capable of such things. This may not have been what was intended by the writers, but this isn't the first time that I've come across this particular blanket statement on a British television show. And the fact that this particular show is dealing with the aftermath of a British serial killer, I think should probably come into play when trying to say such a thing (since violent people aren't excluded from any culture).

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