Wednesday, February 13, 2013

'Reality Star Struck' -- Castle 5x14

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

It made me really happy to see Gina Torres on the show ... but then, any tie to "Firefly" tends to make me happy (even know, after finding out the horrible story arch that they were going to do with Inara on the show). And can't beat her being completely bossy, now can we? No, we cannot. Would have loved to see her on there a little bit more than what she was, but it was still cool to have a bit of a "Firefly" reunion there of some of the Big Damn Heroes. I wonder if she was only available for a little while cuz of shooting of "Suits" ... but then, I'm not sure when they shoot, so it could have had nothing to do with that.

The whole thing with the earrings mistakenly being put into the captain's blazer didn't feel quite like it was hitting the mark that the writers wanted for it. It almost seemed like it was supposed to be a "comedy of errors" type of thing, but what with the way that the show is going, there is no way that the writers are going to have the captain figure out yet that Castle and Beckett are seeing each other (not with the fact that she still hates Castle, and if he wasn't allowed to shadow Beckett and the boys around anymore, there wouldn't really be a show anymore, would there?). And with the captain thinking that Castle was trying to suck up to her ... in a way, I suppose I can see where that is coming from, but at the same time, it left me going, "Really? Come. On." It was just a tad too predictable and on the nose, and didn't come off as funny as I think that they were hoping that it would be.

I'm kind of surprised that Castle didn't pick up on the fact that Esposito and Lanie were kind of back together before she came walking out in that dress. The way that the two of them kept throwing looks at each other and acting kind of wonky about the whole Valintine's thing should have had him suspicious about what was going on. Usually he's better at picking up on things than that. ::disappointed::

Since Ryan and Jenny are played by a real life married couple, I wonder what the real life woman thinks about when they say stuff about her character on the show. The fact that the two of them are married on the show, as well as actually being married, I can see how some people might take some things kind of personally when the lines get blurred like that ... like when they have Ryan say her character is bossy.

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