Wednesday, February 6, 2013

'Recoil' -- Castle 5x13

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Having to protect her mother's killer ... yeah, that isn't at all cool. Even more not cool is the fact that he is coming out of this whole thing looking even more like he's alright, and not at all like he's the shady character that he actually is. Jerkface. The sad thing is that Beckett is right: he's coming out of this looking like a folk hero (and he probably really will step a little easier toward the White House after this). I want Beckett to be able to get him even more now. I wanted her to be able to get the guy before this (and not just for Beckett's mother), but I want her to do it even more now. Dude already has way too much power as it is being just a senator; give him even more, and the amount of shady things that will likely happen ... I don't like that idea. Though ... not getting himself into the White House will not necessarily mean that he isn't going to still be totally capable of doing really horrible things, but being in it might mean that he would be able to do them on a bigger scale ... theoretically. And you know what? I completely love the actor that is playing the senator (who doesn't love HRG? I mean, really?), but I want to see very awful things happen to the character. No lie.

I love the way the writers have Ryan and Esposito take different positions on pretty much everything (and still have the two of them be complete besties). Ryan is always going to be my snuggle bunny on this show, and I'm totally with him where it came to doing the right thing about the senator; but this isn't to say that I don't blame Esposito for his desire to either kill the guy, or at least look the other way when something bad might possibly be happening to him. It seems like both of them are coming at this from a position of trying to protect their own, but the way that they would go about doing it would be completely different (but then, when Beckett went off the rails at the end of last season, they pretty much went through this same thing where Esposito went along with everything, and Ryan let the captain know what was going on). I would love to be able to think that even though normally Esposito is the kind who would totally protect someone else (especially his own people), I don't think that his conscience would be bothered at all by letting someone like the senator get hurt. And you know what? I can't say that I necessarily like this about him. Yes, the senator is a very bad man, but Ryan is right ... by not being the people who protect other people, they are no better than people like the senator.

I'm also really glad that Beckett decided to not burn the letter. Sure, she wants to get the guy, but destroying evidence is not the way to do it (and I have a feeling that doing that would only come back to haunt her later on. If not only cuz it was something so completely out of character for her, but also cuz she may end up needing the letter for some reason later on. Don't know why she would at this point, but you never know when something that seems insignificant might turn out to be really important)


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