Monday, February 11, 2013

'The Good of This City' -- Ripper Street 1x04

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Good on Erin for calling the fact that it was a fire that killed Reid and Emily's daughter. And now that we have a reason that is canon (and not just hinted at), I want to know what it was that happened with the fire. It's obvious that Reid ran back into whatever building was on fire that his daughter was stuck in (hence the burn scar that is on his neck and shoulder), but where was it? What led to the fire in the first place? I'm still leaning toward it having to do with Jack somehow (whether it being Jack himself that started the fire, or it was a copycat of some kind), but I would love to find out through canon what the details of it were.

I'm also becoming more curious as to what it was that led to Jackson and Susan hiding out in London. The two of them have no problem causing harm (or killing) other people, that's become more than obvious now that we know that Susan killed a man for Lucy's benefit. Not that this wasn't something that could have been guessed at before (their willingness to do things to other people that is), and that's probably what it was that they're running from. I wouldn't be at all surprised to find out that the two of them got mixed up in something that they shouldn't have been, and one (or both) of them was involved in a murder somehow ... one that they wouldn't be able to talk their way out of (the way that Susan seems to have talked her way out of this one).

Is it wrong that I really wanted something horrible to happen to that doctor? What a horrible man. I don't feel sorry for any kind of awful things that may have happened to him through the course of his life ... not after what he did to Lucy. Sure, he may have helped other people, but it was obvious that he was willing to do some truly awful things (whether it was in the name of science, or just in the name of covering up so that he didn't get caught for the things that he had done). And really, I wasn't surprised that he was willing to do something to Lucy, especially after I saw that one random patient with the scars all over her head (like the douche had operated on her brain for some reason ... but it was probably to get rid of any pesky kind of memories that he didn't want to have to deal with later on). I'm still cringing at the idea of that jerk almost hammering metal into Lucy's eye to mess with her brain. Ick. I'm so glad that Drake is the bulldog that he is, and clubbed the guy over the head before he could do anything.

I'm also not sorry at all that Bone was electrocuted by his own railway. Screw that guy. After what he had done to Lucy over the past couple of years, and then, him knowing exactly what was going to happen to her, but still not making any kind of protest about it ... I don't feel sorry that karma came and bit him as hard as it did.

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