Friday, February 22, 2013

'Man's Best Friend With Benefits' -- SPN 8x15

Warning: Spoiler Alert

So, we got a bit more information about witches with the addition of some of them having familiars. I kind of like the idea of the familiars being telepathically linked with the person that they are the familiar for, as well as them being able to shift between human and animal forms. It seems like having a familiar that is able to do both of those things would be all kinds of handy. However, the fact that the familiar is fully clothed when they shift into human form seems kind of like a cheat (especially when the clothes seem to change to whatever the familiar wants them to be). Sure, the show runners were probably thinking about the nudity, and the fact that they wouldn't be able to get away with much, and it might become kind of cumbersome to have the familiars find clothes and put them on every time that they went into human form (and then, had to take them all off and possibly find a way to carry them around whenever they were about to shift into their animal form). Still, the fact that they didn't acknowledge the fact that they were fully clothed when they became human, and the clothes seemed to disappear once they went into animal form has my brain stuff screaming for some kind of answers. I should be used to Show not giving me the answers that my brain craves, but I still would like them. So there.

And also, the fact that Dean was introduced as a "wiccan from Detroit" ... I wonder if this is the writers trying to say that there was something different about the witches that we have seen and actual Wiccans. Maybe? Or maybe I'm just reading more into things than what is actually there ... which I know that I have a tendency to do, what with my tendency to overthink things. Still, I think I like the idea that they are saying that there is a difference between the witches on Show and Wiccans ... what with the witches that we have seen being full-on crazy and demon friends for the most part (and that not being what Wiccans are about).

I am glad that Dean was finally able to let go a little bit (the control freak ... sure, he wants to protect Sam, and he's always felt responsible for him ... but the fact is that Dean is kind of a control freak). It seems like it shows a little bit of growth on his part, but what with Sam coughing up blood as soon as he said that he was fine ... maybe Dean has a reason to feel like there should have been an out looked for so that he could be the one who was doing the tests. Whatever the significance of the coughing up of blood is, it sure isn't anything good, but I wonder what exactly the cause is. Maybe there is some kind of sickness that is in the hellhound blood? Or maybe his insides are running too hot (perhaps without him realizing what is going on, since it's something supernatural), and it's broken something on the inside? I'm hoping that whatever it is that Sam is going to have to go through for the tests, it isn't going to be something that is going to end up killing him. The boys have died way too often, and it's starting to get beyond old at this point.

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