Friday, February 8, 2013

'He's Back' -- Suits 2x14

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Oh, how I really cannot stand Daniel. He makes me want to have bad things done to him ... but then, that's exactly the reaction that the writers are going for with him, no? We're supposed to side with the guys of Pearson and Hardman, and we're supposed to think that Hardman is a complete douche. It doesn't even take Mike and Harvey actually saying it for us to really think it. Oh, and Donna pulling him into a conference room and smacking him a couple of times ... Donna is a badass, and that is a fact. I would even go so far as to say that she is a fierce, ginger beast. Yeah, I said it. Oh, how happy I was that she roughed him up a bit. I loved her already at that point, but I loved her a little bit more after that ... especially when he was trying to get up in her face, and she didn't back down even a little bit. Good on her. I want to see her rough some other people up as well; it would make me so very happy on the inside.

What didn't make me happy on the inside, however, was when she was telling Harvey about how she kicked Daniel's ass, and he said "beautiful" in a way that made you think that he was actually talking to her (which I so bad wanted him to be), but he was actually talking to Jessica. ::shakes fist:: I need for Donna and Harvey to be together so very, very badly. I know that he loves her, but I need him to love her the way that she loves him. It's so very heartbreaking when she thinks that she's so very close to getting the one thing that she wants more than anything, only to realize that she is still just as far as she's always been. I really need to snuggle her. Hard.

The more time that goes on, the more I'm thinking that Jessica can't really be trusted. Sure, I'm totally on the firm's side against Daniel, but that doesn't mean that I trust her ... and I don't think that Harvey should trust her completely either. The fact that she so obviously doesn't want to make him her partner in the firm (and only seems to want to use him as her attack dog, without letting him get off of the leash that she's got him on), and that she went to Robert Zane to make him her partner instead (so that she could save her own ass from failure) ... not cool. If things keep going like that, no matter how loyal Harvey is to her, I have a feeling that eventually he's going to go out on his own, cuz he isn't getting to the places that he feels like he should be inside Jessica's firm. This might mean bad things for Mike ... or it might not ... Jessica still might keep her mouth shut about it, since it would still mean that she would get into trouble for knowing that he never went to law school (and never graduated, or got his license).

I'm kind of getting to the point where the whole Mike and Rachel thing is starting to get boring. I keep wanting to yell at them to either jump in the pool, or put their clothes back on. But it doesn't seem like we're going to see the end of that anytime soon.

ETA: I knew I forgot to mention something about this episode ... I was seriously feeling bad for Luis. Sure, he has absolutely no moves when it comes to knowing how to get along with people, but I don't think that it was his intention to harass anyone. Still, that doesn't mean that if someone doesn't want his attention, they wouldn't be completely creeped out by all of the attention that they didn't want from him ... but I got the feeling that homegirl who was saying that he was sexually harassing her didn't actually feel threatened by him, and was only using him as a weapon against the firm. I felt bad for the guy when he realized what had been said about him in the deposition, and I was glad that Harvey was nice to him (for once). Also, good on Luis for standing up to Daniel, even if I'm pretty sure that's going to come back to bight him in the ass, knowing what a jerkface Daniel is.

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