Monday, February 18, 2013

'The Weight of One Man's Heart' -- Ripper Street 1x05

Warning: Spoiler Alert

I'll admit to feeling bad for Drake with the whole thing with Rose (he just wants to have someone to love, and have someone love him), but I'm glad that she was at least honest enough with him that she made it quick and didn't draw it out. Things could have been far worse if she hadn't been willing to let him know right then (when he was telling her that he wanted the two of them to be together) that she didn't see them being together like that. I'm not overly fond of her (what with her seeming to be trying to take advantage of him before that point with the lovebirds), but I think that I would have liked her even less if she hadn't been willing to be truthful with him in that moment. But seeing that he has the ability to be more than just the bulldog (and that he has a gooey center) makes me want him to be able to find someone that he can be happy with (and who will be happy with him).

And at least we've finally gotten some additional information about his past, and what happened in Egypt. True, it wasn't all that much, but at least it was something, and that's better than nothing, right? And I wouldn't be at all surprised to find out that there was a whole hell of a lot of PTSD involved with his time in Egypt, since he seemed to have been showing some signs when he was having his mini-flashback.

I'm really glad that he was willing to tell the colonel that his loyalties where with Reid now, cuz it was looking kind of iffy there for a second. Ok, there probably wasn't going to be much of a chance that Drake was really going to not go back to Reid after he came back to his senses, but he did seem like he was questioning and doubting a lot there for a second. And very cool that Reid was willing to accept that Drake had been pulled into what was going on against his will (even though he probably knew exactly what was going on with all of that). It makes me like Reid a little bit more that he is so loyal, and is willing to over-look things that the people he cares about may have done (especially when it looks like they are having a bit of trouble when it happened).

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