Friday, October 4, 2013

'0-8-4' -- SHIELD 1x02

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Why, hello there Nick Fury!! How nice it was to see you!! Yes, I was all kinds of happy about that particular Easter Egg in the episode ... even while I had already gotten what I had considered to be my Easter Egg (in the reference to Mjölnir earlier in the episode).

Sooooo ... Skye can't be trusted. Well, I don't know that there was really all kinds of reason to believe that she could be before the end of this particular episode, but at least know we know for sure that there is something fairly suspicious about homegirl. I'm wondering who it is that she's working for, and I'm hoping that it doesn't turn out to be someone from the Avengers movies; I'd really like it to be someone that is completely independent from them. Yeah, it would still be nice to have it be someone from the general "Avenger's world," but not anything that would specifically mess about with the continuity of the movies (or the show) in general.

I'm going to put it out there right now that whoever it is that sent her that text is someone that is probably manipulating her idealism. Yeah, all I have to go on is that one text message, and there really wasn't anything said in it that would necessarily mean that I should think that ... but I still think it. She strikes me as being someone who would be easily swayed if someone could make her believe that they were down with the cause, and they made her think that she was doing the right thing (even if what they were trying to convince her of doing was something that would ultimately do more harm to people than it would do good). And since she is so smart when it comes to hacking and such (but apparently king of naïve when it comes to people and their motives), I don't think that it's completely outside the realm of possibility that someone would be able to manipulate her like that.

Fitz/Simmons continue to be adorkable together, and I completely love that people assume that they're one person before they meet them ... but that when you really come down to it, they kind of are one person (since they seem to work so well with each other). I love the fact that Fitz got all annoyed with Skye when she tried to put the "dwarves" away incorrectly, since that's exactly the sort of thing that I would do in his place. LEAVE MY STUFFS ALONE, CUZ YOU PUT IT BACK WRONG!! Yeah, I'm kind of OCD like that.

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