Thursday, October 24, 2013

'Girl in the Flower Dress' -- SHIELD 1x05

Warning: Spoiler Alert

You know, I wasn't really expecting to find out what Skye's deal was quite so soon, but I suppose that it wasn't something that was really enough to keep drawing out forever. Sure, loosing her parents (and blaming it on SHIELD) would probably be a huge thing for her, but honestly ... the way the writing is on this show (as well as the acting), I don't think that they would have been able to pull it off as being a Huge Reveal, if they had left it alone and let us keep building everything up inside of our heads. If this show had the perfect storm of writers and actors, I think that they probably would have been able to keep building it up (at least until midseason), and the payoff would have been worth it; but since I don't think that they have the perfect storm ... it's probably a good thing that thy went the way that they did.

But by giving us the answers now (by at least giving us the basics of what motivates Skye, and the fact that she really is an idealist, and not the boogeywoman that the writers seemed to be trying to project her as in the first couple of episodes), it seems that we are supposed to be thinking that Skye is going to be one of the White Hats now (or at least that her hat is off white) ... which takes away some of the fun that could have been had with her character before. The thing of it is that there is all sorts of fun that could be had with anti-heroes, or those who are a little bit bendy when it comes to rules and morals. But now that we know that she's an Idealist (and yes, that word has a capital "I" when describing her), the things that could be done with her as a character is somewhat limited ... and it now colors (at least in my mind) everything that we've seen her do before this point with the colors of the toolbox (and just to be clear, yes, I am calling her a tool).

And to be honest, the fact that she is such a tool makes me not really care what happened with her parents. If I liked the character more, things might be different, but since I don't care for her, it's not really important to me to find out what happened with them.

Also, I get that Ward is upset with her after finding out that Skye is a big liar, but not only was he already aware that there was far more going on with her than she was letting on (and that she probably shouldn't be completely trusted), he never seemed to quite get over the fact that he didn't trust her. It's true that he may have started to like her a bit, but starting to like someone somewhat doesn't mean that you trust them (I can speak to that from personal experience). So, when he got all butthurt and refused to go into the office with her to speak with Coulson (which it seems that he should have done if he was going to be professional in regards to being her SO) made him look even more of a douche in my book. Going in didn't mean that he had to go to the wall for her, but he agreed to be her superior, and if SHIELD is somewhat militaristic (and seeing as how homeboy is the most military of the group ... with the exception of May), it seems that he should have been in there (if for protocol, if for nothing else).

The one good thing that I can say about this episode is that there was finally someone with super powers. I know that they're going more of the science route on this (since they're working off of what was established with The Avengers Phase 1), but it was still cool to see someone who could do something cool ... even more so that it was pyrokinesis, since that's something that I've always thought was awesome. Too bad that "Scorch" wasn't someone that they could have kept in more than one episode (while ditching that stupid name).

If this is the same Raina that was in the episode (and not just someone who shared the same name), it's possible that we're looking at more alien interactions from the Avengers/SHIELD mythos. I suspect that that's what is happening there, especially after Ward broke into that place last week and saw what appeared to be some kind of writing (which I still suspect was alien in origin). That feasibly could be kind of interesting, but I'm not completely convinced that the writers of this show are going to be up to the task of making this as awesome as it could be (and it would be really sad if the X-Men cartoon ends up having better writing when dealing with aliens than SHIELD).

But on a side note, I just got the new Marvel Lego game for my 3DS ... and I think I just found a new favorite game. That's always a plus, right?

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