Tuesday, October 8, 2013

'Need to Know' -- Castle 6x03

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Finally, an episode that was based in NYC, and with all of the gang (instead of only part of the gang). Ok, so, it was only two episodes where there was only part of the gang running around (and only the briefest glimpse of the rest of the gang), but it still seemed like it was much longer than what it actually was ... probably since the writers have gotten us so used to being with the greater part of the gang for the majority of the episode. And oh, how I love it when the boys get territorial (and start pushing Castle around); it makes me want to giggle a while hell of a lot.

I'm sure glad that Beckett did what she thought was right with this whole thing, cuz I really wasn't digging her partner's "Well, fuck it" attitude (the one that she seemed to have gotten after being on the job for such a long time ... or maybe even not that long of a time). Even if it looked like at the end of the last episode that Beckett was having some serious issues with the way that things were being run, that didn't necessarily mean that she was going to do anything about it anytime soon (in that it didn't mean that she was going to leave her fed job and go back home to NYC). It kind of makes me glad that she had a bout of conscious, and they ended up firing her. Even while she annoys the holy living hell out of me (and I spend the majority of the time that she's on screen wanting to shake the hell out of her), she is still a vital part of the show, and the show is very much a NYC one.

Speaking of bugging ... even while Mama Rogers is completely right about Alexis and Pi (and that baby girl is going to need to get dummy out of her system (probably even more so since she's typically so responsible, and she fell so hard over her last serious boyfriend), it would still be nice to have him out of the picture. He's kind of annoying and makes one want to pull his hair. So, while I can see things from Mama Rogers' side ... I can also really see things from Castle's side, too.

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