Wednesday, October 9, 2013

'The Asset' -- SHIELD 1x03

Warning: Spoiler Alert

I'm starting to think that we're supposed to not trust Skye, but that it will turn out that we won't have the giant reason as to why she isn't completely trustworthy once we find out exactly what it is that is behind all of her secrecy. I'm starting to feel a bit jerked around when it comes to her. I suppose that I wouldn't like it all that much if the other characters didn't question her motivations, or if there wasn't at least one of them saying that there was something kind of fishy when it comes to her (since she wasn't recruited in the normal fashion ... whatever is normal for SHIELD these days). But the way that things are, I get the feeling that whatever the big mystery there is about her, when it is finally revealed, we're going to find out that it isn't anything as huge as any of us have built up in our minds (and we're going to be left disappointed when all is said and done). Also, I get the feeling that the writers are wanting us to think that she is totes antiestablishment, but really, she's just a damaged little girl who wants to belong somewhere ... and once she feels like there is a genuine connection between her and the rest of the team, she is going to be 100% good guy (and there won't be any of this antihero cool that they are trying to give her). So, yeah, I'm feeling like there is a bit of fail when it comes to her.

Fitz/Simmons continue to be the nerdy awesome that they have been since the beginning, and it makes me love them all the more that they are so clueless sometimes (and yet, that they are so completely smart at the same time). But there has to be some other way to get the explanations that they are giving translated into laymen's terms without someone (and especially Skye) demanding that they translate into "English" for everyone. The thing is that if Skye is as wickedly smart as the writers would like us to believe that she is (even if it's not in Fitz or Simmons' specific fields), I don't see her demanding that they "translate into English". If she is really as wickedly smart as all that, she should be able to catch on pretty quickly (especially if she is so smart that she is able to hack an unhackable system using nothing but her phone). But I'll admit that the use of that phrase does kind of bug me anyway, since it's not as though anyone who is using big words is actually speaking Martian or something.

The thing that I want to know more about, and which the writers have now seemed to dropped now that the show is picking up some steam, is what actually happened to Coulson. He was obviously not in Tahiti, and there was something else going on ... I would really like to know if my theory about what it was pans out. More on this, please!!

I had thought that I was going to love this show a whole hell of a lot ... but I'm not sure that I'm going to. I'm still going to give it at least a few more episodes, but I think that I may end up ditching it after a while, if I don't feel a bit more of a connection with it.

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