Saturday, October 26, 2013

'The Ungrateful Dead' -- Grimm 3x01

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Ok, normally, I'm on Team Juliette (and of the people that I know who watch "Grimm," I think that I may be one of the few people who is on her side), but she really got on my nerves in this episode. I get the idea that she was worried about Nick, and there were all sorts of bad things happening (to them, to him, to everyone), but it seemed like she was borderline standing around and ringing her hands. I realize that if this had been real life, not everyone is going to be able to cope when something crazy worrisome happens, and they're going to freak out to some extent (especially if they're kind of being thrown into a world that is still new to them), and it's unrealistic to expect every female that shows up in fantasy fiction to be Xena (even to kind of compensate for all of the years of the only women being present where the ones who needed to be saved from everything ... or the ones who were only here for the sexing), but it would still have been nice to have seen her be a little more together about the whole thing.

I will give it to her, however, for being clearheaded enough for at least some of her vet training to come through when it came to how to make the Happy Steamy Medicine to Take Away Your Zombie Crazies ... even if she had (only two seconds before that) been telling Rosalee and Monroe that they should totes rush off to save Nick without bothering to form a plan, or trying to figure out what it was that they might be getting themselves into.

And since Nick's hearing has already been heightened from things that have happened to him since he started beating up on Wesen, and we know that the zombie state (and the antidote for it) are different for him cuz he is a Grimm ... I wonder if the writers are going to use this as an excuse to give him some more super powers. Hopefully not. Hopefully that was a one off with his hearing, and it's just going to be his metabolism that is working through this in a weird way cuz he's not like other humans.

It doesn't look like they're going to keep Nick going in his crazed state for very long, and I'm not sure how I feel like that right now. It would be interesting to see him go all crazy and stay that way for a while, especially since it seems like the writers on shows set up for bad things to happen ... and then, they have the giant amount of damage that they've created fixed within a couple of episodes (when that's far too fast for things to go back to normal ... kind of like on "Castle"). But on the other side, they just had Juliette go through her whole memory thing last season, and that lasted for pretty much the entire season, and doing something along the same lines with Nick in this season seems too much like "let's break the primary and secondary characters in as many seasons back-to-back as possible." If they waited to do something like that, I think that I'd be more inclined to see how that whole thing worked itself out.

I kind of wish that Adalind had been written off the show after she lost her abilities ... even though it would be kind of interesting to find out who the father of her baby really is (since there's bound to be some kind of tension by the very fact that the child exists ... once it's born). But now that she has her abilities back, I can see the writers using her to create all kinds of other mischief in the show. She seems a bit too much like a tertiary character that wishes that she was at least a secondary character, and I'm not entirely sure that she has enough in her favor to be able to bump herself up a tier. But every time that it seems like her mischief has run its course, and she's bound to go off onto other things, she shows back up again. She's kind of like a bad penny that way.

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