Tuesday, October 15, 2013

'John Doe' -- SH 1x06

Warning: Spoiler Alert

I think that I may just have to completely ignore the whole thing that the writers are doing with the Horsemen, for fear that my brain is going to try to claw itself out of my eyes and ears (which is entirely possible that it might) ... and I have the feeling that at some point (if I don't just let it go), I'm going to end up yelling at the screen about how they're getting stuff wrong all over the place, and someone is likely to think that I'm kind of crazy (and not the fun kind where you end up convincing a spunky police detective that you are telling the truth, and you end up helping her solve all sorts of weird cases in the town that you live in).

I am glad that they now have a base of operations (other than the Secret Room of Secrets at the police station). It would be good for the two of them to be able to get away from the police station every once in a while (as well as the other detective ... especially Abbie's creepy ex-boyfriend), and be able to speak about what's really going on. Sure, they have the Secret Room of Secrets, which the captain seems to be the only other person about who knows of the thing's existence, but that doesn't mean that they should making all of their secret plans there (or having all of their secret talks). And it would probably do Ichabod a bit of good to be able to have a place to call home that looks a little more like the kind of place that he came from (even if the place is wired for power and such).

The ex-boyfriend is going to become a problem at some point. Maybe not within this season, but at some point, I have the feeling that Abbie is going to have to deal with him and make sure to explain to him how things really are in the world now. And the way that he keeps coming across as the creepy stalker type, I have a feeling that Morloch is going to be able to use all of that anger and suspicion and creepiness that he has inside of him for evil; at some point, I think that the creepy ex is going to come after either Abbie or Ichabod (maybe both of them), and there's going to be all kinds of badness cuz of it.

Also, is it just me, or does Oxford have the single best tenure program known to man? After 200 years, he's still a tenured professor? I need to get myself a job as a tenured professor at Oxford (maybe I'll find out that Professor Tolkien is still there in one of the subbasements, kind of like the knight from Last Crusade).

I loved the inclusion of the Roanoke legend to the mythos of the show (even if there was no mention of "Croatoan," which I would have loved!), but I have a hard time believing that Abbie knew nothing about Roanoke. Sure, the writers were trying to make sure that they explained stuff for the people who didn't actually know a whole hell of a lot about the legend (and maybe I'm taking for granted the fact that I've done a little bit of digging into it, cuz I think it's kind of fascinating, and they didn't manage to bring up anything that I hadn't come across before), but it seems like the kind of thing where people would know at least a little bit of the legend, if they only managed to know that it was a settlement of people that disappeared.

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