Thursday, October 31, 2013

'Get a Clue' -- Castle 6x06

Warning: Spoiler Alert

While I think that Alexis is completely right in putting Castle on blast (since the way that he was treating both her and Pi was completely unacceptable), it still makes me a bit sad that the two of them are in what appears to be a genuine fight. The two of them have always seemed so solid, and it could never be denied that they love each other (not that I think that they don't just cuz they're fighting), but I think that this is the most upset that one has been with the other since the show started. But like I said, Alexis has every right to be upset with him, since his attitude could have made Pi feel like he was unworthy, and make Alexis feel like he doesn't trust her, that he thinks he should be making all of her decisions for her, and that what she wants (even those things that she wants while she's trying to figure out herself) aren't valid.

But the things that she said to Castle when she was putting him on blast made it sound as though she didn't like Beckett, even though she seemed to like her before. But then again, things have changed somewhat (it's different when she was just the woman that her dad a thing for), and that may have changed her feelings somewhat. And to find out over the phone from someone else that he had proposed to Beckett after the fact, that couldn't have been fun (something similar happened to me, and I did not dig it).

It looks like from the preview that the two of them will at least be speaking to each other in the next episode, but that seems like it might be too soon since I'm not sure that he would have learned his lesson (he's kind of thick-headed about stuff sometimes). But if he has, maybe it would be a good thing that the two of them have made up ... provided that he doesn't continue to treat Pi like a bottom feeder, and Alexis doesn't get pissed at him again.

Am I the only one who wishes that The Da Vinci Code would just disappear? It was kind of interesting when it first came out, but too big of a deal has been made of it ... besides the fact that you have all of those people who really believe that Dan Brown researched his book and the things he talk about are real (instead of wild leaps and conjecture mixed in with his fiction ... see what I did there?). It's kind of gotten annoying how much that story has drilled into the public consciousness, but that may be just me.

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