Thursday, October 10, 2013

'I Think I'm Going to Like it Here' -- SPN 9x01

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Bobby!! Bobby!! Bobby!! Bobby!! YEAY!! Bobby!!

Bobby only being some dream inside of Sam's coma brain ... boooo, you whore!! Why do they feel the need to get my hopes up that we will actually see Bobby again, and then, yank the rug out from underneath me? Not cool, broheim. Not cool.

I'm not entirely sure how I'm feeling about this episode right now. I'm still a bit on the fence about the whole thing ... but then, I'll admit that I've been rather blah about Show for a few seasons now, so that could really be effecting the lens that I'm looking through while I'm watching it.

I will admit to not trusting Ezekiel pretty much at all. Yes, he is making himself look like he is one of the good guys in all of this, and like he is only out to try to help the boys, but there has to be something more going on with that than he is actually saying. It may not have been all that smart for Dean to send out a prayer to anyone who might have been listening, and it may end up brining them more trouble than it was worth (especially with how many angels there are out there now, and seeing as how at least some of them might blame the boys for their current predicament ... or they may think that by hurting the boys, they might be able to do some damage to Cas in some way). But I am also wondering if Ezekiel thinks that he is going to be able to hide out inside of Sam for an indefinite period of time (at least from the other angels); to his thinking, he may see it as the other angels not thinking that there would be an angel inside of one of them, given their views on possession by angels. In a way, it is kind of the perfect hiding place. So, if he's not exactly who he is pretending that he is, and if there are other angels who are looking around for him for some reason, that might be the perfect place to hide from everybody (who would think to look for a rogue angel inside one of them?). And if he's just trying to hide out from the others (and perhaps gain his strength for something later on), I wouldn't be surprised if he's planning on doing something big later, and maybe he thinks that by hitching a ride with the boys, he'll be able to do whatever it is that he is wanting ...

... what if he's after Cas? Maybe he's pissed off at being booted from Heaven, and we've already seen that there are angels out there who are pissed off with Cas, and blame him entirely for what happened to them. So, maybe that's what he's waiting for. That could end up being rather interesting if Cas and Sam end up in a huge-ass fight with each other, and I would love to see the boys try to forcibly eject him (cuz I have the feeling that I might find it borderline hilarious).

Also, I am thinking that there has to be something with the memory charm that Ezekiel seems so good at performing. There seemed to be far too much significance to the fact that he said that he would be able to wipe Sam's memory of the hospital (and that he did it so easily), and that when we come across the host he was riding with when he met the boys, said host had no idea of who he was. It almost makes me think that he knew that the host would be able to retain some memories of what was going on, and he decided that he couldn't take the chance that his plans would be told to anyone else (especially to the boys). Possible?

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