Wednesday, October 23, 2013

'I'm No Angel' -- SPN 9x03

Warning: Spoiler Alert

So, I guess that Cas is no longer afraid of boobies. Our little boy is growing up!! And one day soon, he'll become a hedonistic hippie who is stoned all of the time (and Chuck will warn Dean that he needs to covet the TP).

This episode has me even more suspicious of Ezekiel than before. We just had an episode where Dean was yelling at Kevin about how the boys and Kevin and Cas are family (and how families stick together and look after each other), and now, Dean is telling Cas that he needs to move it the fuck along. While Ezekiel may have completely innocent reasons for telling Dean that they need to get rid of the angel that is actually part of their little family, it makes me not trust him. Yes, Bartholomew's crew is going to keep looking for Cas, and it may be possible that they might find him (and the bunker, and Ezekiel), that doesn't mean that they are going to be able to get inside of the bunker (even if a rogue reaper managed to find Cas despite his Enochian tat). And yes, it's true that they would have to come up with a really good reason to keep Sam inside of the bunker ... which probably wouldn't work, and they'd probably have to tell him what was actually going on (which wouldn't go well). But it still comes down to the fact that the guy is family now ... and far more vulnerable than he has ever been before.

And what makes it even worse was the look on Cas's face when Dean said that he had to leave. You could tell that he had been more relieved than he had had the words for when he realized that he was safe, he was home, his family was there, and there was food. And to be shoved back out into the cold and the dark, going back on the run and not knowing where his next meal was going to come from or where he was going to sleep (or if one of the angels (or any of the bounty hunters that they would send after him) would find him and kill him while he was sleeping) was not only frightening, but also completely heartbreaking. I can understand why Dean did it ... Sam has always been his priority, and if he thinks that he is doing the right thing to make sure that Sam is safe, he's likely to shank anyone that he has to ... but it still doesn't sit well with me for all of the reasons that I've said. When Sam finds out what's going on (and I'm 100% sure that he's going to find out), I really hope that he kicks Dean's ass, and I'm not even sorry.

What is it with Ezekiel that makes him not want the others to find him? What exactly did he do? Could he have been part of Naomi's group at some point, and he knows that Bartholomew would want to kick his ass for whatever it was that he probably did? Or could there be something more that's going on? I would love to be able to think that there is something more going on here, but I've been Kripke'd so many times with this show that I have a hard time believing that there would be anything awesomely huge that happened behind the scenes (and which would make me go back to loving the show like I did in the beginning). It'll probably end up being something completely pedestrian ... like him being part of Naomi's department and pissing them off so that they will never forgive him.

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