Wednesday, October 9, 2013

'The Lesser Key of Solomon' -- SH 1x04

Warning: Spoiler Alert

I am loving Corbin more and more as time goes by, and that is no lie. And it isn't just that he is played by the Kurgan Clancy Brown ... it's that he is a crafty mofo, and even the people around him (who should know just how much of a crafty mofo he is) don't know what all he's up to.

So, now we know that he had all manner of files on all of the weird and creepy things that have been going on in Sleepy Hollow, he had Jenny working as a soldier of fortune for him (and in essence, trained her in how to kick ass, since it seems that he was at least partially instrumental in getting her out to places where she would have been able to do some good, and where she would have been able to get some training), he knew that Abbie and Jenny were far more important than either of them ever realized (and made sure that they both were in a good position to do some good in the world ... or at least, he did the best that he could in making sure that they were in that place, and that isn't even counting how he tried to make sure that the two of them made piece with each other), and he knew that something horrible was going to happen to him the day before he died. The man was a pimp. A PIMP, I SAY. It would be awesome to be able to think that the man was one of the people in Katrina's coven, but I really don't think that he was; the notes that he made for himself where the covens were concerned seemed to much like he was creating notes as an outsider so that he would be able to remember what was going on when he went back to it later on. If he was one of them, he wouldn't have needed to make those kind of notes for himself; he would have been steeped enough in the lore that he would have been able to remember it without aid (at least, that's the impression that I get from the few witches that we've seen on the show so far).

I will say that at least the writers are consistent, and are still calling the Headless Horseman "Death," even though he's really "Conquest". That doesn't mean that it isn't still immensely irritating that they haven't gotten it right, but at least there's a little bit of comfort where continuity is concerned.

Also, I like the fact that they've brought back the Hessians and had a group of them in our time, and that the group that we saw were still immensely crazed and all about the cause that they still had. I would love to be able to see some more of them and what they're all about. Sure, Morloch will have to be the on that it is ultimately in charge of their little group, but there has to b a hierarchy that the writers can play with, since there only seems to be certain times that he is able to make it into our world (or at least, there only seem to be certain people that are able to interact with him, and he doesn't seem to be able to make it completely into our plane of existence). But then, there are probably more than just the Hessians when it comes to that ... there's probably also the dark coven of witches to deal with when it comes to his plans, and there has to be a hierarchy there as well. It makes me wonder of the dark coven and the Hessians ever really deal with each other in any aspect. I would think that they would at least somewhat, since they are both working for the same "person".

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