Wednesday, October 16, 2013

'Eye-Spy' -- SHIELD 1x04

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Soooo ... there's something "wrong" with Coulson, and no one notices it except for Amador. What could have changed so much between the time that she last saw him, and the time that she saw him now that would have made him so very different. The first thought that most people would probably have would be to say that the Battle of New York changed him, but it sounds as though most of the people that are a part of his team knew him before the Battle of New York, and none of them think that there is anything out of the ordinary about him. So, that would mean that if there was a change about him, it would have had to've happened long before that (and there wouldn't be any way that he would have been able to logically use the excuse that NY gave him an excuse to give as many people second chances as he possibly could).

There is a theory that came across when it comes to Coulson that seems to be kind of interesting (and I would love it if this is actually what happens). [Highlight the following to see it] The theory that's going around is that Coulson is actually an android that was built by Howard Stark (Tony's dad) back around the time that the Avenger Initiative was being created (back when Captain America was first "created"). And since he is actually far older than he appears, having been created around the time that Captain America first became popular, that is why he has such an affinity for things from that era and especially for the Cap himself. It would also explain why he was able to survive supposedly being killed; since he is an android, and if they were able to save his memories (whether in whole or partially), they would have been able to download them into a newer model of Coulson. And according to this theory, this is also why he has no muscle memory (and why he can't deal with his gun properly), since androids don't technically have muscles. But also that might be explained away by the fact that if he is a newer version of Coulson, since the last one was destroyed, there has not been enough time for him to be able to create new pathways inside of his brainstuffs (or what passes as that) that would allow him to do things like that easily, and he has to relearn it.

And if this is the case, if Coulson is really a new model of the Coulson android that was brought out of the warehouse when the last model was destroyed by Loki, it would also explain away why Amador thought that he was acting differently. The new model may have enough of the old memories to make him pass as Coulson, and those who have known him recently might be able to overlook some things cuz they knew that something happened to him in NY, but with this new model still trying to get its bearings, its possible that he really is different.

And to be perfectly honest, I would love it if this were the case, since it would bring a fabulous twist to the show. Plus, we know that there's all sorts of amazing technology in the Marvel universe, so it's completely possible that Howard Stark was able to create an android (being the tech genius that he was), the ability to save his memories, and spare bodies so that those memories would be able to be downloaded and Coulson could soldier on.

But as much as I like that theory, I still like my own theory that he was actually in Asgard getting himself all healed up and good. If I had to pick one, however, I don't know that I would be able to, and would still be rather happy if either one of these things happened.

So, we now have some kind of secret organization that that implants false eyes into people and gets them to do all sorts of wickedly bad things for them (and then, kills them when/if they fail). It's nice to know that we now have a creepy big bad out there; it kind of makes me feel all kinds of happy on the inside.

Also, I feel like we have seen the "alien language" that the creepy big bad was trying to get a picture of, but I can't remember where. Did it have something to do with Hydra and the Tesseract? Maybe? Does anyone else remember that can fill my brains back in with the necessarily information?

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