Sunday, November 10, 2013

'Like Father, Like Daughter' -- Castle 6x07

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Hizzah! for getting a slightly Alexis-centric episode. It's always nice to be able to see Alexis-heavy episodes, as she is freaking awesome. And you know what? After this episode, I can completely see Alexis becoming an attorney and see her do all kinds of good in the world.

I'm glad that Castle was willing to help her with her whole thing (and getting dude free from death row), since he could have easily have told Alexis that she had to work on this whole thing by herself ... not that he would have, since that’s completely not his style. And even more than that, I’m glad that the two of them were able to make up (and that he seemed to realize that he had really upset her, and that he was really sorry about the whole thing ... again, even though it’s not his style, he could have told her that he was sorry, but not have meant it). Being able to see them work together was really cool, cuz we haven’t seen this part of their relationship before; up until now, it’s always only been father/daughter stuff (or how that works for them), but them working on a common goal that is outside of that brought a whole new dynamic to their relationship that didn’t seem to be there before.

Also, it would seem that perhaps Alexis really did have an issue with Beckett and the proposal (even though the two of them have been good with each other before this point), but maybe since she spoke with Beckett, the two of them can become friends with each other again ... and maybe the three of them could become something of a family now that the two of them are cool with each other (provided that they are cool with each other, which they seem to be now that they’ve had the conversation at the precinct).

The younger brother of the guy who was on death row was Wyatt on “Charmed,” and I couldn’t stop myself from keeping on thinking about the fact that he was Wyatt (or the fact that he’s such a horrible actor. Horrible, like whoa).

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