Monday, November 11, 2013

'Dog Dean Afternoon' -- SPN 9x05

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Another episode where it felt like the show was running of the rails. It seemed a little bit too Turner and Hooch for me ... and not necessarily in a good way. More in the way where it comes off super corny, and it can't really keep you entertained with the whole thing.

The thing is that there have been episodes that have been super silly in the past, and they managed to at least keep me somewhat entertained with what was going on (Sam doing a commercial saying that he has the clap, that never gets old). But having Dean mind meld with a dog ... not really as entertaining as it could have been (and more something that feels like it has been run into the ground, in the "Dean is a such a dog" sort of way).

So far, it really feels as though this season has been dumbed down from the previous seasons, which is saying a lot when it's been kind of dumbed down for a while now. I'm still kind of romanticizing the YED years in my head, even while I know that they weren't perfect, but they were at least closer to what Show could have been than what all of this noise has become.

But it's coming even closer to either Sam finding out, or Dean telling him that Zeke is feeling him from the inside. There have been way too many near misses so far ... to the point where it's getting stupid ... where Sam should have been able to figure things out by now since he's not a stupid boy. And the fact that the boys have been tap dancing all over the line when it comes to Dean having a secret and Sam not knowing what it was isn't being handled as well as it could have been. So far, there has been no ZOMG! moments of Sam almost finding out. Sure, he's almost found out a few times, but it hasn't been anything where it created tension. At most, it created a shoulder shrug and that was all there was.

And the way that they keep using Zeke to heal him (or do some kind of super zonk that only an angel can do) is getting out of control. They are using him far too much, and it's going on overkill now. If they actually spread out the times when he did something, that would be one thing, but they use him every time that someone stubs their toe. It's getting to the point where I'm wanting something horrible to happen so that there would be no way for Zeke to be able to fix everything; Sam finds out what's going on; and the boys are royally boned (to the point where they both die cuz of it). Is it becoming evident that I've lost interest in Show?

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