Sunday, November 24, 2013

The DW 50th Anniversary Special.

Warning: Spoiler Alert

I'm still trying to get all of my thoughts together about the 50th anniversary special, cuz it wasn't exactly what I was expecting ... at least as far as how they were going to bring in 10 and Rose (cuz I was kind of expecting that they would bring in Tinkerbell!10 and the real Bad Wolf, but that was probably a little bit too obvious, especially since they've already had Rose break through the barriers of the universes before, and it nearly cost them all everything ... even though Mickey also did it, and everything is fine ... but thinking too hard when it comes to wibbly-wobbly will only make your brain hurt).

I did appreciate the fact that they brought in 12, even if it was only a shot of his eyes and only for 2 seconds (long enough for us to realize that he was there, before they took him away again); it was still super nice to be able to have him acknowledged in the special. Also with the love? The fact that ... what are we calling John Hurt's doctor? I haven't been looking around at spoilers, or anybody's reviews of the episode, so I'm not sure what everyone is calling him ... so I'll just call him 8.5. Anyway, I thought that it was nice to be able to see 8.5 just start to turn into 9 (and do it right after he said that he hoped that he wouldn't have the goofy ears that time). From everything that I've seen or heard before, Christopher Eccleston was kind of stressed out by his time on DW had hasn't really wanted to join back in on it, but it was still nice for them to still be cool with him (even after he said no to being involved with the special) and giving him a bit of fan service.

It was so nice to be able to see 10 again!! How I've missed him (like whoa!!). I even was glad to see him when his hair was lying flat (and wasn't all crazy like it's supposed to be ... but it was still 10!). And when he said that he didn't want to go ... oh, the feels!! The feels nearly tore me apart! The writers should really not do those sorts of things to me, since it made me have to relive that whole series four finale, and 10 turning into 11. :(

But the fact that they counted 8.5 and 12 as part of the doctor's regenerations, that would make 12 his 13th incarnation. I'm sure that the writers are going to have a way around stopping him at 12 (or 13), but I'm still wondering how it is that they're going to do that. It's quite possible that he may have gained some of River's regenerations when she used up her regeneration energy to save him, or ... maybe the Moment could have changed something about him so that he will live past 13 (since she/it did say that he would have to live with what he had done to Gallifrey ... but maybe it won't work that way, since he didn't actually destroy Gallifrey, and it seemed implied that he would be forced to live if he killed them all. Still, that doesn't mean that she didn't so something to him. Maybe he will be forced to continue living, until he is able to figure out how to get Gallifrey out of the artwork that he put it inside).

I have the feeling that the finding of Gallifrey may be something that will be kind of big for the remainder of 11's time, and will carry over into 12's ... at least, I hope it is. I hope that it isn't something that's just solved in one series (but will last at least a couple), but the fact that each series seems to have its own theme may mean that it will only last through series eight ... but the fact that finding Gallifrey is something that is so huge could possibly mean that it might last a little bit longer. Oh, I hope that it does.

Also, it almost seems like they're kind of going plastic!Rory with Clara's memories (where she remembers things that she shouldn't be able to, since it was actually alternate versions of her that were making those memories, and not actually her; just like the centurion wasn't actually Rory, and there shouldn't have been any way that he remembered anything that the centurion did). But as long as it isn't played into a bunch (like they did with Rory), I think that I'll be able to ignore the fact that it was even made reference to. But what I would like an explanation to ... what happened with the kids that Clara was looking after. Did they just get too old for her? And are they going to tell anyone what happened with Clara and the doctor? Answers, please.

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