Thursday, November 14, 2013

'The Midnight Ride' -- SH 1x07

Warning: Spoiler Alert

I love the fact that Ichabod couldn't help himself from dorking out and telling the tour guide that he was wrong, wrong, wrong about everything that he was telling the younglings (we were all British, dumbie, so saying 'the British are coming' would have accomplished dick). Oh, Ichabod. Could you be anymore awesome? I don't think that you can be. The fact that you want to smack someone across the face with an ironed glove makes me all kinds of happy on the inside. But those poor younglings. They would not have had any idea of what was going on, and he probably freaked them completely out.

And can we just stop for a second on just how OMG!balls Ichabod got over using a laptop ... and even more so when he somehow managed to open himself up some porn. I AM ESPOUSED TO ANOTHER!! Oh, Ichy. Never change. You are so freaking awesome, it makes my insides want to burst with happiness.

So, now we know that the captain officially believes Ichabod and Abbie about what all has been going on. He really did try to keep himself out of the loop for as long as he possibly could, didn't he? Just didn't want to believe that anything like a headless horseman could really have been roaming around the town and chopping the heads off people. And now, we can pretty much say for certain that it wasn't him that called in to the college and created the alibi for Ichabod when stalker ex-boyfriend of Abbie's tried to get more information on homeboy (cuz he didn't believe until he saw the horseman walking around). I hadn't thought that he was the one that had done it, since I didn't think that he believed, and now we know that he really didn't want to believe them ... but now, he kind of has to.

Speaking of the creepy ex-boyfriend, it looks like his encounter with Brooks really shook him up. I am curious as to what will happen cuz of that. Either he'll not want anything to do with Abbie or Ichabod, or he'll want all of the answers and will bother the two of them even more so that one or both of them will be forced to either lie (and make sure that they keep up the lie), or they tell him the truth about what's been going on. The two of them will probably try to continue to keep him in the dark (since I'm not sure that either of them can trust him), but they might be forced to tell him the truth eventually (especially if Abbie is really against telling lies about what's really been going on).

And now, we've got the Devil's Traps in this show as well. I wonder exactly how the writers for this show are going to use it (if it's going to be anything close to the way the writers of SPN have used it, or if they're going to do something at least slightly different). If they're going to use it the same way that the SPN writers have used it, they are likely going to use it to keep the horsemen out of the manuscript that Ichabod had seen it on, and they might also use it to help Ichabod and Abbie torture some answers out of Death (cuz I don't see those chains being the only thing that are going to keep him hanging around. Dude is too harcore for something like that).

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