Wednesday, November 13, 2013

'Heaven Can't Wait' -- SPN 9x06

Warning: Spoiler Alert

The writers are getting even more sloppy with this ... not that I'm really surprised, since they've seemed to be sloppy pretty much with every episode this season. The whole thing with Cas and his manager ... it was far too obvious that there was a misunderstanding there, and that she wasn't actually asking him out (even though that's what he thought was going on). The fact that she didn't actually say what was happening, and that she just asking him to come over at around 7 (and that he assumed what she was talking about) made it kind of clear that he had misunderstood her. And it bothered me about that character that she asked him to come over and didn't clarify that she wanted him to take care of her baby, cuz she never once said that she was actually a mom and that there was an infant at home that he would be watching. What kind of mother asks someone to watch her infant while she goes out on a date, but doesn't actually tell the person that they will be babysitting a six month old? That screams of irresponsibility to me.

Even more with the lies between Sam and Dean, and I don't see how Sam isn't yelling at Dean yet that he needs to have some answers as to why his brother is acting all cagy (cuz let's face it, Dean has been acting fishy around Sam all season. At some point, Sam should have been demanding some kind of answers). Sure, he asked why Dean said "Zeke" during the Oz episode, but that's as far as we've really gotten, and Sam has to be more suspicious than that about what's going on, especially when there was a genuine case, and Dean is going it alone (which they keep saying is a huge no-no).

It was good to be able to actually see Kevin again, cuz it almost seemed like the writers were going to shove him off somewhere and not have him interact with the boys for a while (even though that probably wasn't the case ... it was probably more to do with availability of the actor). But the fact that Kevin is letting Crowley get to him, even though he has to know that Crowley is fucking with him is kind of disappointing. But then, I suppose that something like that would probably happen in the real world (not necessarily where someone lets a demon fuck with their minds, but that they let someone fuck with their minds, even though they know what's going on).

I'm still not sure how Crowley would have been able to get ahold of that syringe of Kevin's blood without someone noticing what was going on, since it wasn't as though Kevin and Sam weren't paying attention. But I am curious as to what was going on with Crowley mainlining Kevin's blood, cuz there has to be something to that (more than just the creep factor). I'm really hoping that they aren't going to do a reversal of Sam going all vampire with Ruby's blood (and yes, it still irritates me to no end that the writers keep saying that Sam was addicted to demon blood, since demons don't have blood, and he was just drinking the blood of her host).

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