Sunday, November 24, 2013

'Bad Boys' -- SPN 9x07

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Soooo ... Dean went to live in a boys' home for a couple of months (and it was the best time of his life). Oooookay. If that had been the case before three seconds ago, I don't see why he would have been such a Debbie Downer on Sam for running away (any of the times that he has), when he should then have an idea of how nice it could be not having to live the life of a hunter ... and he supposedly knew it before he started playing house with Ben and Lisa. Sure, he went back to the life cuz of the unhealthy relationship that he has with his family, and the fact that he always feels like he needs to take care of Sam, but that doesn't mean that he shouldn't have known what it was like to not have that whole life hanging over his head for a little while (and that doesn't mean that he had to be a dick about the whole thing).

Yeah, I realize that this whole thing is my INTJ brain trying to make sense of genre television, where there really is no sense, but I can't help wanting it to!! It would be great if there was any kind of consistency within the seasons (especially the seasons since Kripke left. I never would have thought that I would be saying good things about Kripke (seeing as how he always struck me as being somewhat of a baby), but at least there was some kind of consistency when it came to the first five seasons ... something that has been lost since he left. But then, back then, there at least seemed to be something of a goal (first with YED, and then, with Lucifer). But then, this season has pretty much run off the rails, so it's not as though I'm completely surprised about the fact that I want the episodes to be something that I can wrap my hands around the shoulders of so that I can shake the hell out of them.

I'm also kind of surprised that Sam seemed to naïve about where Dean was at that point, seeing as how he has been in the hunter's life all of his life, and he knows how his dad operated (as well as the fact that Dean was always a good little soldier when they were younger (and would have done anything that Papa had told him to, even lie to Sam)). He has always been billed as the smart one, so it would seem like he should have been able to notice the signs of Papa and Dean trying to pull a fast one over on him; he didn't always seem to notice it when they were kids, but then, at some point in his tween years, he seemed to grow out of trusting everything that was told to him. And he doesn't seem to be pushing too much into what Dean is keeping from him right now, but I'm handwaving that as maybe Ezekiel is keeping his suspicions from coming to the surface (and getting him to scream at Dean that he knows that there's something going on, and he better tell him what it is, damn it).

Speaking of Sam and Ezekiel (and figuring out that he's possessed by an angel), when exactly are we going to have Sam start to figure out that there is something going on? I mean, really? Come. on. In previous seasons, he would have already started throwing all kinds of bitchface at Dean by now.

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