Monday, November 11, 2013

'A Dish Best Served Cold' -- Grimm 3x03

Warning: Spoiler Alert

I am so insanely glad that what it looked like was going to happen from the previews didn't actually happen (with it looking like Monroe was going to go a bit crazy, and Nick was going to have to do something drastic to try and stop him). I love Monroe, and I don't want anything to happen to my favorite clock nerd, since it would make me all kinds of sad inside of that place where I am supposed to have feelings.

Also, Monroe asking Rosalee if she wanted to move in with him (seeing as how Nick was moving out, and the two of them are totes true love forever) was just about the most adorable thing that has ever been inside of my eyeholes. The way that he was just so nervous about asking her ... precious. Precious to the point where I wanted to pinch his cheeks ... hard. The two of them need to move in together and make foxy/wolfy babies, and that is no lie.

I'm not sure that this was one of their better episodes, only cuz it felt almost like it was pulling away from the momentum that the writers had seemed to be starting to create in the first couple of episodes; the momentum from Adalind trying to get her powers back and with the whole thing with Eric (who is still so obviously alive it's crazy; not obvious to the other characters, but the fact that we have still not seen a body means that he has to still be walking around somewhere ... even if it's kind of strange that he hasn't made his presence known after the news report came out that he had been killed).

Adalind crying ... I want to know what was up with the crazy color of her tears. I want to know if that was something that was normal for every hexenbiest, or if it's something that is only happening now that she's doing all of the stuff to try and get her powers back, cuz it seems like there might be different implications depending on each.

Also, it looks like the writers are going the way of having the zombie stuff change Nick the way that his hearing was enhanced. I'm still not quite digging that idea. I'm fine with grimms being able to see Wesen for what they are, and maybe having a different stamina than "normal" people, but this is creeping up into superhero territory, and I don't necessarily want superhero stuff in with my fairy tales (I'm more than fine with magic being in there, but magic and superheroes aren't the same thing). But now that they're introducing it, I want to know if the possibility for superpowers is something that any grimm can acquire (through accident or design).

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