Saturday, November 9, 2013

'The Sin Eater' -- SH 1x06

Warning: Spoiler Alert

I'm always happy to see John Noble, even if my first thought in seeing him is that he was such a dick to Faramir in RotK. ::pets Faramir's head:: And at the same time that I was thinking about Denethor, I was also thinking of Eric from "Grimm," and going "I KNEW HE WAS ALIVE!!" Yeah, I'm such a dork!!

The fact that Ichabod was a Freemason kind of made me roll my eyes. Yeah, of course he was a Freemason. It might have been something that was more prevalent around the time of the revolution, but the fact that so many people want to make them out to be the boogeyman is what kind of made me wish that the writers hadn't added that to his storyline.

But what was completely awesome? Being able to see Katrina and Ichabod's first encounter. I need to be able to see more of the two of them together when it pertains to the real world (and not her being able to pull him into Purgatory). I have the feeling that the two of them would be completely adorable together ... adorable to the point of me not being able to stand it (like getting the sweetest cake ever and sugarcoating it).

Also, the thing that Ichabod thought as being his most horrible thing ever ... it makes me want to snuggle him until he is smooshed into nothingness. The man is so good that I don't see how he could ever not be one of the Witnesses. It makes me glad that he wished that he could have done more for dude that ended up getting killed by Haldir.

Also, part 2 ... I am loving the interactions between Abbie an Ichabod more and more with every episode. In this one, it was having Abbie tell him to "just say yes." You can tell that the two of them really get along in RL, and that they're kind of besties (or at least, I need for them to be besties in RL, cuz they are so freaking awesome together).

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