Tuesday, November 19, 2013

'Necromancer' -- SH 1x08

Warning: Spoiler Alert

And now we finally have the introduction of Bram Bones into the show's mythology, and within the story that they're telling, he really is the headless horseman (instead of it just being insinuated that he is, in an effort to scare Ichabod away from Katrina). It makes me all kinds of happy on the inside that this was put into the show's mythology this way; it makes my geeky heart go all aflutter with happy feelings.

In a way, I kind of feel bad for Abraham, since he really can't understand why Katrina would love Ichabod instead of him (thinking that he has everything that she would want cuz he's wealthy, but completely missing the point that that sort of thing isn't important when the heart is involved). If Ichabod could have explained everything to him, maybe things would have turned out a little bit differently, but probably not (since his heart was in the mix as well).

And if the Horsemen are really people who have been possessed in their dying moments (if we can take what happened to Abraham as what happened to the others as well), it brings a whole new interesting dynamic to the story of the Horsemen. If they were once people, maybe they can be defeated in some way cuz their former lives are still lingering somehow (Abraham's was lingering enough that he knew who he was before he became Death, and who Ichabod was, and who Katrina was).

It makes me wonder what else may have happened to the other Horsemen to make them become what they were, if Abraham was anything to compare them with. If it was his resentment of Ichabod (for being the one that Katrina chose) that opened him up to become Death, maybe something like that also happened to the others (where some kind of resentment or anger on their part opened them up to being turned into what they have become). Maybe one day, we'll be able to get into the stories of the other Horsemen (since the show has been renewed, and the writers will probably have time to explore a little bit where it comes to the others ... hell, they've already explored a little bit with one of the others, so it's probably likely).

I'm also now wondering how it was that Ichabod and Abraham met and become besties (it sounded like it was some time after Ichabod defected, so maybe they met each other cuz of Washington?). More fleshing out of the storyline now? Y/Y? That would be fantastic.

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