Wednesday, November 13, 2013

'A Murder is Forever' -- Castle 6x08

Warning: Spoiler Alert

I have to actually give Beckett credit for this episode for not coming off as completely pushy and horrible when it comes to Castle and the things that make him who he is. Usually, she is so unbelievably impatient with him and does things that make me wonder why he keeps coming back to her, but she was actually kind of cool in this episode. I had almost thought that she was going to force him to get rid of the lion photo, since she didn't like it, but the fact that she didn't made me kind of grateful. Well, ok, she did go kind of sneaky about it and say that she would just sleep at her own place, but even that was kind of low-key for her (usually she's kind of over the top and in your face about stuff like that).

I almost thought that I had something when it came to the number that kept popping up on the victim's phone when the camera kept panning over to the number on one of the doors, but maybe that was something that was done consciously so as to psych people out (it certainly seems like it would be a possibility). But good on them for turning it around so that it was something other than what I thought that it was going to be, and not making it too obvious.

It was nice to see that there were a couple of guys involved with the case who looked like they could have been the one who was the murderer, but who both turned out to be ... not decent exactly (since they were both involved with shady stuff at least in some part of their lives), but at least they weren't killers (and that's something, I guess). Mostly it was that by making either of them the killer, it would have been entirely too easy (and would have been kind of sloppy writing). But there did seem to be all sorts of people in this episode that could have been the killer (more than what we normally get in any given episode ... at least that's the way that it seemed).

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