Saturday, November 16, 2013

'One Night Stand' -- Grimm 3x04

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Something strange is certainly happening with Nick. There's no way that he should have been able to stay underwater the amount of time that he did without there being something very wrong with him ... or at least something going on that there shouldn't be. It almost seemed like his body went into a kind of survival mode when he was under the water long enough, and he no longer needed to breathe (for as long as he needed to be under water). But the thing about that whole thing was that I don't see why it was so imperative for them to find Elle once she went into the water since she's a nymph (and it's not as though she would have drowned. All she would have needed to do would be to switch over to breathing through her gills, and it seems like her body would have gone into a reflex to keep her alive and would have brought out the gills of their own accord). But maybe the writers didn't want to have her automatically go into her nymph form so that they could show that there's something going on with Nick.

The email that Nick got (and which Juliette read) that was signed "M," I can only see as being from his mom, but I get the feeling that the writers are wanting to create a little bit of turmoil between him and Juliette. Maybe having two couples in love-bliss at the same time would be a bit too much for them? And it seems like the love-bliss isn't going to be interrupted when it comes to Monroe and Rosalee, so it's probably all going to be Nick and Juliette that get all of the crazy.

But then, if it was his mom that sent Nick an email (which is the only person that I can think it can be who sent that to him), I don't see why she would have sent him a message to tell him that she hadn't gotten rid of the coins yet. In the last episode that she was in, it didn't seem like she was going to get rid of them, or that she was going to contact him again (since she had what she wanted, and that wasn't a relationship with Nick). It seemed much more like she wanted to use the coins for something else (whatever that may have been).

It would be kind of cool if it came from someone else that we don't know about yet (since it turning out to be his mom would be kind of obvious), but then, that would seem like it came out of the blue if they did it that way. But if it was his mom, and this is a way to bring her back into the story, maybe we can get some more answers about what is going on with Nick and all of the weird things that have been going on with him.

I also still don't believe that Eric is dead. It's not only that it's that we haven't seen a body, it's that they've made too much of a big deal about the fact that he's dead and how much woe! there is about it. But at least we now have an idea of where the royals are from (and exactly the position that Eric was to the throne). At some point, I am sure that Eric is going to come walking back into the whole thing, and I don't think that Sean is going to be at all surprised about it. I just hope that he's ready for whatever Eric is going to have up his sleeve when he comes back.

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