Saturday, April 26, 2014

'Alex Annie Alexis Ann' -- SPN 9x19

Warning: Spoiler Alert

While I do enjoy me some Jody, this episode was so over the top boring, I'm not sure how it made it onto the air ... or how it managed to make it on when it's so close to the end of the season. It would seem that there are more important things for the boys to be taking care of right now, like (IDK?) the First Blade ... or the fact that Cas is now using the Gabriel Trumpet cuz Metatron is piloting him like he's a fucking marionette.

And the story that was going on with this episode was kind of stupid and pointless (especially when you consider the fact of all of the more important things that are going on). So, now we have it established that vampires really do have feelings (even though some of them may lie and say that they don't), and they morn the loss of people that they knew when they were still alive ... and Jody is now able to be a mom again ... to a girl who is going to be fighting against Stockholm Syndrome for probably the rest of her life.

Speaking of homegirl, I have a hard time believing that she could go from being the one who got "her family" food, to being so close to getting back to being a decent human being at the end of the episode. Even if she was having doubts about the things that she was doing, she was still completely indoctrinated into their family (and their lifestyle), and it wouldn't have been that easy for her to come out of that and start acting like she was a real girl again. She straight out told Jody at the end that she didn't want to disappoint Mama again, so it seems like it should have a little bit harder for her to pull herself away from what her life had been for so many years (and towards what it would be like for anyone who had never known that monsters are real).

But like I said, it seemed like an excuse to give Jody a family again after what the writers had put her through since she had first been introduced into Show. And if that is what was going on, I don't see why it couldn't have waiting until there weren't other (more pressing) things that the boys really needed to take care of.

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